HELP US LEAVE HOMELESSNESS and start our lives.

by natalie mcneil in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

HELP US LEAVE HOMELESSNESS and start our lives.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

After two long years of homelessness, the council have just offered me a house, and we have not one bit of furniture to go in it.

by natalie mcneil in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi, this is exceptionally hard for me to do. But I have researched a lot and it seems there is a lot of good people in the world and I am finding it very hard to receive any kind of help from any charities or from the council. Actually NO help, I have tried everything else. So here it goes...

I became homeless in June 2017, my son was only one years of age. I had went back to work six months after my son was born, but struggled due to being a lone parent. I worked for about seven months and then had to leave my job, a job which I very much love. I was struggling with childcare and it would end up that my son would of had to go to nursery which I would of had to pay for. It made no sense to work and to just pay for nursery, as I still would not of been making enough to cover my bills this way. I then had to apply for benefits, and at this point I was put into universal credit which once you applied you would be waiting 5-7 weeks for a first payment. Well I ended up waiting seven weeks, no payment and no rent paid for seven weeks. At this point my landlord realised I was maybe going to struggle to pay her monthly on time and served me an eviction notice. She wasn't the most understanding but I understood and applied to the council for a council house. I thought maybe it would take a few months. Two years later, staying with family for the first two months, then on a friend's sofa for eight months... And then being put by the council in hotels and b&bs for three months... I ended up back sofa surfing back between two friends and one family member for nearly a year! As you can imagine a b&b with a toddler isn't easy. Being trapped in one room for 24hours then being kicked out at 10am and having to sit in a hotel lobby until they call me at 4pm to tell me where I am staying that night, half the time it was a totally different hotel or b&b but sometimes I got lucky and it was the same hotel to just check into a new room. It was hell, not being able to cook for my son or even just have any of his toys or a space for him to call his own, was heartbreaking. 

I have just had my offer for the house, and I have accepted. I was under the impression the council would help me to furnish the property and decorate it. But I am now going on week three, with a mattress on the livingroom floor. No carpets or vinyl so the house is losing a lot of heat. The walls are all chipped and not painted. I have no furniture what so ever and I do not have anything in my kitchen besides a microwave and a kettle. We have no fridge, no cooker, no wash machine. Lucky it's cold just now so the milk stays cold on the windowsill. 

I don't need a lot, we don't need a lot. But I would like to just be able to cook a meal for my son and to sit on a sofa at night and watch a movie with him. And for him to be able to sleep in his own room, in his own bed. I know 500 pounds will not get me everything I need, but I can get at least a fridge, a cooker and a bed for my son. 

Hopefully the council will try to help me soon, but at this rate I will be in the same predicament come Christmas. And that would genuinely break my heart. 

Thank you for reading. 

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