Sponsor a hutch!

Sponsor a hutch!

Our aim is to have newer, bigger, stronger and better hutches to make our rabbits healthier and happier!

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £150 with 7 supporters in 21 days


Sponsor our hutch! Pledge £30 to get a name of your choice mounted on the new hutches! Plus a photograph of the residents in the new hutch!

Our rabbit housing currently consists of a double hutch which was donated to us along with two of the rabbits we took into our care, and a second hutch which we salvaged from a recycling centre which, let's face it, has seen better days!

Niether of these hutches meet the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) standards and we really need some new housing for our rabbits to make their stay with us a happy one. Whilst we strive to give our rabbits the best lives possible, at the current time we cannot afford to replace these hutches. Two of our rabbits have been with us since we started the rescue  and there's no saying how long they're going to be here, and we need to make their lives as happy as they can be whilst they are with us. This means we need to get them bigger accomodation as soon as possible.

Unfortunately hutches don't come cheap. We are a non-profit organisation and rely solely on the kindness of our supporters, and we are asking you to please chip in towards getting us two new double tier hutches which can act as either two large hutches for two pairs, or four smaller hutches for four individual rabbits. This flexibility will mean we are able to offer more animals homes and make our current residents much happier.

We've managed to reduce the cost significantly by getting our hutches made by an independent builder, however we just can't afford the full cost right now on our own.

Please help us buy two new large hutches to keep our rabbits healthy and happy whilst they stay here at the rescue with us.

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