Help us improve equipment to help local trade

Help us improve equipment to help local trade

We're aiming to get enough money to help our travel blog take off. We're in need of a laptop and digital slr camera.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We're currently in the process of setting up a blog and video log of our trips and experiences. This is a way for people to explore different parts of the UK and at times further afield, witness local views and sharing in our experience with local businesses.

The information recorded can help local tourism, local trade and the community. We film and log local events as well as just random journeys. 

With money raised we aim to purchase a laptop to complete our blog posts easier and to edit our videos more professionally. We will also aim to buy a digital SLR camera to provide more detailed steady videos including live streams. With the camera we will also be able to take high definition photographs perfect for showcasing products bought locally, nature, architecture and more.