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Founded in July 2015, the International Christian Consulate Middle East is still in its early stages of establishment.  It is a...

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Founded in July 2015, the International Christian Consulate Middle East is still in its early stages of establishment.  It is a non-profit organisation, which is currently unfunded, and in need of supporters (financial, practical, prayer and more).  This Crowdfunding project is to help us raise the funds needed to move a step closer to being able to establish a physical, working consulate in the Middle East.  



This Project: Trip to Iraq/Kurdistan & Jordan


There are many stories of the plight of Christian refugees, which are not being told or reported in mainstream media outlets.  For example, how many people in the general population of the UK are aware that the Christian minority in the refugee crisis are not safe in the refugee camps in the Middle East?  How many know that they are persecuted by those they are escaping with, simply because they are not Muslim?  

The difficulties facing Christians as a specific group in the Middle East are different and arguably more complex than the majority of the refugee population fleeing the region. 



 How can we know what these difficulties are, if we don't speak to those facing them?  

How can we address those needs, without having a comprehensive and informed understanding of them?


A recent meeting with a former British ambassador to Jordan, confirmed this absolutely vital next step forward:  


We need to go there and speak to people, officials, organisations, church leaders and charities in person.  

In the culture of the Middle East, it is difficult to form and develop working relationships without doing so. 


Can you help us raise the funds needed to do this?  

The costs include:

  • flighs and transport,
  • hiring translators and fixers,
  • basic accomodation
  • and living expenses whist travelling (for about 3 weeks).  


To cover these things, we need to raise £5000



We have contacts in both Iraq/Kurdistan and Jordan, including fixers and translators ready and waiting for us to be able to confirm dates.  We have connections with church leaders and heads of major denominations in the region, as well as guides who can take us to the camps, and to meet with Christians in hiding places outside of camps.  All is dependent on finance.



Can you help us raise the £5000 needed to cover the costs of this trip?

We need your help to establish a consulate for persecuted Christians in the Middle East?



The International Christian Consulate Middle East's Vision:

To establish a consulate in the Middle East, which exists to protect the interests of Christians, particularly those fleeing persecution in various nations in the region, and which acts as a place of safety for them to seek the assistance they need. 

For more information, visit or email



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