Friends trying to get un-robbed

Friends trying to get un-robbed

Our friend was stolen his savings, computer and valuable filming equipment. We are offering our services to help him get some money back.

We did it!

On 18th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £293 with 9 supporters in 35 days

On Tuesday night, our friends Ine and Joaco got home to find everything upside down. Someone broke in and had enough time and organizational skills to steal £5500 that they had been saving for their future new home in Argentina and all of Joaquin's working equipment. He is a filmmaker, so this includes professional cameras, sound and lighting equipment and a Mac Book Pro. Their loss was huge and completely unfair.

We trust that the police will do its best and we know things will be alright soon. However, as their closest friends we have seen all the effort they made to gather those posesions and we recognize it will be hard work to get them again. So we decided to help.

We are a group of friends from Buenos Aires living in London.  Each of us has different professions and I think we are very good at them. Through this crowdfunding project, we are offering our own time and skills in the form of consulting, services and products. We will use all the money earned to cover the cost for the new equipments that Joaquin needs to work.

 If you don't need professional help, you should definitely go for the yummy reward: a traditional Argentinean asado with Argentinean wine, prepared by us in our East London home.

Thank you <3

About us

Clara: A fashion designer dedicated to embroidery and textile design. Check her work in

Javier: A tech entrepreneur and sotware engineer with great understanding of the start-up scene.

Ines: An architect and visual artist that already lead big works and creates beutiful sketches.

Juan: MA in Economics, working as an investment adviser.

Joaquin: A freelance video-editor and the best Argentinean Asador ever.

Patrice: Freelance graphic designer with exceptional taste and experince in major brands.

Juana: A creative copywriter who writes short stories as well as copy for websites, chatbots and social media.

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