Help us get our own place

by Justina Ridikaite in Hornchurch, England, United Kingdom

Help us get our own place


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Need a flat for our young family.

by Justina Ridikaite in Hornchurch, England, United Kingdom

Hello to everyone reading this. 

I know there are people that are worse off than us but we really need a deposit on a flat so me, my partner and my son can get our own place. We are very hard working young parents, we’re both studying still to become something better and kick start our careers whilst juggling family life.

We need to move out as our parents don’t want us to be living with them anymore as we’re a little family ourselves and we completely understand but in this day and age it’s so difficult! We both work in central London so we have to be within a reasonable distance to commute to London. We would rent but we can’t really afford it, even living just outside London it’s still too expensive for us, plus the travel costs, baby costs, food, utilities etc. We need to get a mortgage so our costs are lower and we’re actually investing into our future instead of paying rent which is dead money and we’re unable to save. I understand this is a big ask but anything, literally anything is so appreciated it.

I know some people may say that’s just life and I understand it is but this is the only chance that I see, I already do extra shifts and night shifts at hospitals to try save up but I’m missing out on my baby’s life and I hate it. It upsets me every day. So we’re just asking for a little bit of help to start us off into the real world. 

Thank you for reading this and literally anything is so appreciated. 

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