Help get 150 East London children to the theatre

Help get 150 East London children to the theatre

Help us get 150 East London children to the theatre

We did it!

On 12th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £4,690 of £3,750 target with 67 supporters in 28 days

Hello arts supporters,

We are Anna, Holly, Joe, Chantelle and Vanessa. We work as a team providing music, drama, media you name it, across several schools! Every year, after year 6 finish their SATS, we stage a summer musical, and every child takes part, yes that's right, all 90 at Old Ford Primary Academy and all 60 at Culloden Primary Academy. We provide a totally, no excuses, inclusive experience where every child feels valued and part of an amazing team.

Every year the productions are both hard work and one of the most rewarding things we do. Often those children who struggle academically, finally  get the chance to shine and thrive when given a creative, physical outlet. They learn so many lines and songs, organise lot's of their own costumes and make simple sets. We don't have a budget or indeed a proper performance space so we are already really proud of what we do. This year, we have chosen Matilda and we feel it is utterly invaluable to allow the pupils to experience the fully immersive experience of seeing the show live.

How can they truly know what a musical is without witnessing it first hand?

How can we expect innovation in business without creative minds?

How can we grow emotionally adept children, without creative experiences to help them manage feelings?

How can we ensure that every child is given the opportunity to experience theatre, music, dance, art etc.

How can we make sure that money does not dictate how broad a child's educational experience is?

How can we preserve a love of the arts for future generations?


We have 150 children aged 10/11 and the tickets are £25 per child (reduced minimum school group rate). We would take 10 staff (at the cost of the schools) and can get free TFL tickets for the group to travel by public transport. 

It would be so exciting to take them all to the theatre, totally inclusively and because they absolutely should get the chance to. If the demographic you have been born into dictates your whole future then we have lost our way!

Let's do this, we work with these kids every week, it's a seriously disadvantaged community but they are filled with hopes and dreams.

Offer down your shoulders, remember the magic instilled in your heart as a child, think of everytime someone chose to help you see just a little bit further and give generously. My Mum said she will pay for 4 so the rest is up to you.


From the heart 


Vanessa Wilson

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