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Attracting 10,000 young people to apprenticeships

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £360 with 11 supporters in 14 days


London Apprenticeship Fair 2016 - 'Where youth meets opportunity'


 London Apprenticeship Fair 2016  

'Designed by young people for young people'



You need to engage with the London Apprenticeship fair and make it part of your recruitment strategy for 2016 and every year after that.

Apprenticeships are vital for up-skilling young people and tackling youth unemployment. No other vehicle can promote social mobility en mass for each generation like apprenticeships.

'Michael Oliver left school at 15 to become an apprentice with a Manchester engineering company. He then gained an HND in mechanical and production engineering. He started Oliver Valves in his garage. His Cheshire-based business today employs more than 300 people and turnover is approaching £100m'.


People talk about inequality, well the obvious solution, once you understand its merits, is the offer of apprenticeships to everyone. Theory takes longer to earn money. Skills give you a wage straight away.

We want to deliver  'London Apprenticeship Fair'. An event entirely focused on and around apprenticeships. We want to spend our resources and time on finding the young people you need. They are notoriously hard to locate, pin down and motivate. We hear this from businesses across the country who have plenty of apprenticeships on offer.

We need to raise £100,000 to pay for the intense amount of marketing we will need to do, having set ourselves a target of 10,000 young people between the ages of 16-30. That's £10 each and one day of facebook adverising! The benefits of this audience is not to be underestimated and that is reflected in our rewards.

Get a free exhibition space with your reward!

This first year we are focusing on the fertile areas of technology, digital and creative industries. We are also using technological proceses to bring you benefits before, during and after the event . Businesses in these sectors will help us demystify the perception of barriers and utilise our recruitment pods at the event for their pre-event applicants. Apprenticeship providers also need to explain, what they do and how they do it both to businesses and young people. This is your platform.

The London Apprenticeship Fair is happening on October 27th 2016. Our mentoring program is at the heart of our delivery strategy with our graduate volunteers in the marketing lead, using their work experience to practice the skills they need to offer employers. This ensures the event is designed by young people for young people. They hold the key to finding each other. 


    "Apprenticeships provide a fresh approach to building young people's business acumen at a young age. Go grab yours!" Andre Campbell - Enfuse Youth


'Networks are important because half of all Jobs are never advertised' 


Face  to face is a valuable commodity to a generation growing up in a virtual world. A nod of encouragment, the chance to explore all the elements in a physical space, get the right advice, and begin that important search is more productive than hours online deciphering an application form.


“ The London Apprenticeship Fair is a great opportunity to showcase all the fantastic Apprenticeships on offer from many organisations and to attract the talent to close the skills gap.” Tunji Akintokun, Founder – Your Future, Your Ambition & Director, Cisco Systems

Why fragmentation is affecting your bottom line

The apprenticeship industry is growing but still fragmented. Opportunities to find and retain good people and improve profit margins are lost. We identified this problem at our predecessor 'South London Apprenticeship Fair' that ran for 3 years. We invited Universities, colleges, schools, academies, apprenticeship providers, brokers, suppliers, advocacy groups, youth groups, unline advisory bodies, government agencies and more. 

They've multiplied especially online.Together they create a lot of 'virtual' confusion. 

Despite all this information, our recent survey of young people revealed they believed it is easier to get into university than to get an apprenticeship! Why isn't all this noise effective? what needs to be done to bring more cohesion and accessibility to the industry and its processes? The Secretary of state for Apprenticeships the The Hon Nick Boles MP has agreed to come to our launch breakfast for businesses on the morning of the event.Together with our expert panel  there will be a discussion to enlighten us all.

They get the tech from birth!

For future generations, skills will become more important than academics. Already apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles, covering more than 170 industries. Accenture, a global brand looking for digital skills, hired 90,000 young people last year.There was 1,583,669 applications for apprenticeships last year. Technology and digital are the fastest growing industries with the best paid careers. With the internet of things, the need for smart cities and a growing population, it becomes obvious why the governments wants 3,000,000 apprenticeships by 2020. All this makes 10,000 look pretty achievable!

We need to enable young people to explore their options early.



Everyone benefits!

 The London Apprenticeship Fair will be the largest event with a single mission to draw 10,000 young people who can potentially be recruited on the spot. Your pledges will help create the perfect blueprint which can be replicated annually in cities across the UK from London to Birmingham to Manchester to Liverpool. In between events, we will have continuous interactions and benefits form this huge database we are building. You can reserve your piece of that now by pledging on our rewards.


Our Survey also revealed that young people do not feel that apprenticeships have equal status to degrees. Changing this peception is all our responsibility. Your pledges and participation in this event will be a vote of confidence and a validation of their decision to choose this avenue to their desired career. Telling them face to face beats that lonely process online.

Your generosity will pay for the venue, the development of the website and mobile platforms. Pay for social media spread and analytics, to penetrate the places where young people's attention is concentrated; Attract relevant media partnerships and design feedback infrastucture to aid your future apprenticeship recruitment strategies.  It will help us pay for additional advertising and expertise to enhance your brand association to the relevant targets. 


We will bring GenZ and millennials to the London Apprenticeship Fair and your generosity will help us inform them, inspire them, connect with them, engage with them and equip this new tribe to be co-creators of their future.

Your pledges send the message: - 'This is a good way to get a good job.'

 Give generously.




Andy Palmer was a 16-year-old apprentice at Automotive Products in the West Midlands before he joined Austin Rover. He then served a 23-year stint at Nissan. Now, though, he is CEO of Aston Martin.


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