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On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,470 with 43 supporters in 28 days

Dear Friend,

Fundraising is vital for any political campaign. With the General Election just weeks away, we need to ensure our campaign has the funds it needs to elect Labour MPs in Milton Keynes. You can help by making a donation today.

Labour is fighting 'For the many, not the few' and this is reflected in our 10 pledges.

Tory austerity and cuts have had a devastating impact on our communities. The Tories want to cut over £14 million from the budget of the Milton Keynes Local Authority by 2019. This means a loss of £369 per pupil and the equivalent of 395 teachers.1

We can't afford another Conservative government that will threaten the services we rely on, from the NHS to our schools.

Your donation will help our campaign in Milton Keynes to elect Hannah O'Neill and Charlynne Pullen. They will fight for:

  • A Brexit deal that works for the people, and protects workers’ rights.
  • A properly funded NHS, and a social care system fit for the 21st century. We created the NHS. We saved it in 1997, and we can do it again in 2017.
  • A reversal of George Osborne’s inheritance tax cut, to enable us to properly fund our carers.
  • An education system that works for all our children, starting with every primary school child receiving a free school meal. No child should go hungry in Britain.

A donation of £10 will enable us to:

  • Print 500 A4 leaflets promoting our campaign.
  • Pay for 500 minutes of phone credit to enable canvassing calls to be made.
  • Produce 30 A3 posters.
  • Reach 2000 Milton Keynes residents via a Facebook advert.
  • Ensure an online display advert is seen 1000 times.
  • Have our adverts seen by at least 40 viewers on Youtube.
  • Promote our message to around 2000 people on Instagram.

We have thousands of members and supporters in MK. We are many, so let's make it count!

We are immensely grateful for any donations you can spare. If you can't donate but you'd like to volunteer, please sign up at:

Hannah O'Neill, Charlynne Pullen and the Milton Keynes Labour Party

Milton Keynes Labour Party may contact you using the information you supply. Donations to meet the costs of candidate election expenses are regulated by the Representation of the People Act 1983. By making a donation to this campaign I understand and accept the following: If I am making a donation of more than £50, checks will be made to ensure my name is included on a UK electoral register (excluding the Isle of Man and Channel Islands). My name and the amount I have donated will be included in the candidate return submitted after the election. This information will be available for public inspection on request, although my home address will not be made public. The money you use to make a donation must be from your own funds. This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the Milton Keynes South and North Candidate’s campaign. UK companies, limited liability partnerships, trade unions and unincorporated associations may also make donations. Please contact the team on 01908 314974 for more information.

1 - See

Promoted by Rachel Pallett on behalf of the Labour Party, 112 Newport Road, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes, MK13 0AA

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