Help us create our future!

Help us create our future!

Raise enough money to turn mine and my partners dream of starting up the company we have been planning.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everyone, 

I am really praying that you all can help. So just over 6 months ago I was blessed with the best thing life could offer, the birth of my beautiful boy. Since then I left my commission only sales job to find something with more stability.

I have since been told that on the first of May my new job will be turning commission only too sure to budget cuts. I have two options, manicly hunt for a new job, or after being denied a business loan from the bank to purchase essential equipment to form our company - find another way to source the life changing funds.

What better way to provide for my family then to build a business from home while being present through his first years.

The money we so desperately require will be injected straight into electro plating equipment and chemicals and the design of company branding and website.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for your generosity and/or taking the time out of your say to read my story.

Sincerely ,