Help us complete our family.

Help us complete our family.

Help us raise funds for IVF treatment so that we can complete our family.

We did it!

On 12th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £60 with 4 supporters in 56 days



My name is Rose Bayley and I married my husband Steven in 2001 so will have been married 15 years in February 2016. All through my husbands life and through our marriage he has had heath problems, and it has only been in the last two years we have found out he has fertility problems.  This has been the reason we have not had children despite 10 years of trying.

Though he is registered as disabled, he is able to contribute to life and is trying to set up his own business from home to assist us. LIke me he has always wanted to have children to share his love with and complete our life.

Together we can provide a loving atmosphere for our child to flourish.

This year we found out we could have some IVF treatment on the NHS but as I was turning 40 in November it would have to be before then. This entailed Steven having a surgical sperm retrieval, quite a risk with his health but one we had to take.  This was successfull and we manage to get one cycle of IVF in before my 40th birthday.

Though all the checks on me were perfect and we both have no genetic reason for not having children, the first try was unsuccessful.

now that I am 40 we are no longer able to get funding from the NHS and do not have the £5 - 6000 needed for a second go. Hence why we have turned to crowd funding in the hope that we could somehow achieve our dream.

We feel we have much to give and we want to show that even if you have a disability  you can have a loving family.

We thank you all for reading this and thank all those who donate and want to you to know that you will have been part of this miracle and by extension, even if we do not know who you are, you will be part of our extended family and our child will know that there are good people our there and that kindness, love and respect is what truly makes the world go round.



We are trying to raise funds for a cycle of IVF treament to help us have  the child that we so desperately want to share our love with.  Though we have been married for almost 15 year, because of illness we have been unable to conceive naturally and are not eligible for NHS funding and do not have the financial resources to pay for the treatment.

Thanks to you all 



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