Help us buy a Go Pro Hero

by Mayday4Women in London, England, United Kingdom

Help us buy a Go Pro Hero
We did it
On 29th May 2018 we successfully raised £500 with 28 supporters in 14 days

We aim to raise 50% of the funds for a Go Pro Hero package - the camera itself, various holders and straps, stabiliser, plus memory card.

by Mayday4Women in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This extra £150 will pay for insurance for the Go Pro and help weather the 8% charge the Crowdfunder website takes.

We did it! In just a little over 4 hours. We will now have enough for a Go Pro.
Any extra funds donated will go to insurance for the camera (an extra £100/150).

During this year Mayday4Women has made the national media from our real life interventions at events, most recently at Channel 4's GenderQuake and leafletting the Women's FA Cup Final. We want to hand out literature at more events, but as feminists have found out this year, both at Hyde Park and the Anarchist Bookfair, that women are often attacked when we organise politically against gender.

It is our intention to take a Go Pro with us whenever we do activism in the future. This is to film our activities, but also capture responses to us. Our reception from the general public has been overwhelmingly positive, but TRAs are known to attack women with cameras (as with Maria in Hyde Park) and so if we want to film our activities we need a camera that is designed for the outdoors and fairly indestructible. A Gro Pro is totally waterproof and created to withstand strong impact.

This camera will mean if we are mobbed, like at the Anarchist Bookfair, or physically attacked, as at Speakers Corner, it will all be caught on video. 

Thanks to prior donations we already have 50% of the funds for a Go Pro Hero package - this includes the camera itself and accessories such as body straps, camera holder, stabiliser,  memory card etc.

We DO NOT use any funds we ever get on personal expenses such as travel or accommodation (we take Megbuses and couch surf) as we understand that as activists we are inevitably going to incur those costs and we are happy to do so in order to get things done.

Any funds raised will be strictly towards equipment. 

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