Help us bring Oscar home from Afghanistan

by Craig O'dare in Afghanistan

Help us bring Oscar home from Afghanistan
We did it
On 29th October 2018 we successfully raised £1,555 with 43 supporters in 28 days

To raise the extra funds required to get Oscar home, we've been here before just need to get over this final hurdle.

by Craig O'dare in Afghanistan

We started a crowdfunding page back in May to raise money to get Oscar home from Afghanistan through the Nowzad charity, the total raised after crowdfunding deducted their percentage was £3843.76, the total amount to required to get Oscar home is $5,000, Oscar bloods were done at Nowzad and if all was clear he was due to come home at the end of August, an unexpected dispute followed with the legal owners of Oscar, although the International management team of the company had entrusted him into my care to get home the local national owners of the company overruled their decision and took Oscar back and with no amount of pleading from the International members, Nowzad or myself was going to change their minds.

Since then time has passed and they have agreed to release Oscar to me but at the price of $2,000, this is Afghanistan and if there is money to be made then people will do so, if I use the money to secure his release from the funds raised this will leave the pot short, I am therefore once again asking for everyone’s help, I fully understand if you have committed before and are unable to do so, also there were people before who were calling “scam” and again I can see where they might think that, for those of you that know me you will know what an honest person I am and if you are in any doubt whatsoever about helping then please don’t but for those of you that believe in this and me than please give generously.

Also I have been asked on a number of occasions to name and shame the company, what you have to understand is that I still work here and have to consider the safety and security of my own family.

I have now paid the $2,000 and Oscar is asleep at my feet once again. 

Please see below taken from the original crowdfunding page.

Help us bring Oscar home from Afghanistan


To raise funds to have Oscar and Explosive Detection Dog flown back home to Wales to spend the rest of his days playing in the Welsh hill sides, Oscar is almost 14 and with the life expectancy of a Spaniel being 12 -14 years I would like to see him spend what time he has left running through green fields.

Oscar has spent over 12 years searching for IED's (Improvised explosive devices) in Iraq and Afghanistan and had survived an attack on the compound where he was kenneled that involved a large truck bomb one of the biggest seen in Afghanistan, Oscar came to my attention while working for a Private Security Company, they had purchased the dog from a company that a close friend of mine Simon Mallin had worked with in Iraq when he was Oscar's handler in 2005, this old boy has done his time and now needs to be brought home, please help us by giving generously as this boy has given for all of us.  


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