Help us bring British Wrestling together.

by Great British Wrestling Alliance in Roxwell, England, United Kingdom

Help us bring British Wrestling together.
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To help us build an alliance, we need funds to bring in some travelling championships to be defended across Great Britain.

by Great British Wrestling Alliance in Roxwell, England, United Kingdom

Greetings everybody. We are the Great British Wrestling Alliance. A non-profit organisation pledging to bring British wrestling closer together. We plan on doing this by offering affiliatons to British wrestlers, announcers, referees and promotions. With these affiliations, we are building a directory for British talent and promotions. We believe this directory will help us build a close knit community in the British wrestling scene which will allow talent and promoters to get to know each other better. This will also allow talent to post any dates that they are looking to fill and promoters can snap them up. This also works vice versa where promoters are looking for talent to fill up any free spaces they have on their upcoming shows and talent can declare their interest.

Along with building a community, we are going to be bringing in travelling championships. These championships will be defended in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales at all of our affiliated promotions and will be contested between affiliated wrestlers with the GBWA.

We will also be utilising both YouTube and other various video streaming websites to show you our belts being defended across Great Britain and also a behind the scenes look at our champions on the road preparing to defend their GBWA affiliated championships. 

Think of us as the British version of the National Wrestling Alliance. We want to bring British wrestling together, but we cannot do it without you. Thank you

Let's make 'Help us bring British Wrestling together.' happen