Help us provide sanitation and water stations!

by Lydia Powell in Tanzania

Help us provide sanitation and water stations!
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HELP US END THE TANZANIAN WATER CRISIS! We are building safe water stations, and providing sanitation so that girls can attend school again!

by Lydia Powell in Tanzania

Tanzania is in a water crisis

Only 50 percent of Tanzania’s population of 53 million have access to an improved source of safe water, and only 34 percent of Tanzania’s population has access to improved sanitation. Under these circumstances people, particularly women and girls, who sacrifice education in order to spend a significant amount of time traveling long distances to collect water.

I am hoping to raise as may funds as I can in month so that the charity Raleigh International can continue their projects helping the poor communities in Tanzania. Raleigh build and maintain new water supplies for villages and communities without water, help locals to set up sustainable businesses, and catalyse women’s empowerment groups!

 Providing people with safe and regular water access is a basic human right, not a gift, and with our help Raleigh are working towards eradicating this problem.


There is a significant drop in the number female of students that go on to secondary education. This is often the result of a lack of separate sanitation facilities allowing for privacy when menstruation begins. Constructing and encouraging the use of sanitation blocks at schools combats this and other issues such as the spread of preventable diseases.

Raleigh aims for all of its projects to be sustainable after they eventually leave the immunity, teaching the locals all of the skills and knowledge they need in order to continue to grow independently.

 My fundraising deadline is the end of august (2019) when all money raised through this page will be donated to keeping these vital projects afloat, so please please donate whatever you can so that we can continue making changes!

Eternal love and Gratitude!

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