Help us and get VERY GENEROUS rewards !

Help us and get VERY GENEROUS rewards !

As a thank you to our backers, we offer luxurious, classy presents, rewards, discounts, benefits. See the list of rewards and photos below

We did it!

On 13th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

As a thank you to our backers, we offer very generous, luxurious and classy presents, rewards, discounts and other benefits.

Please see our generous rewards and photographs at the bottom of this summary.


We are asking for your help to raise £6,500 for he first stage of the business development.

Project description (below) is divided into four sections:

  1. About us
  2. Main concept
  3. How the money will be used
  4. Generous rewards – please read!



  1. About us

I have a long and successful experience in finance industry, property, recruitment and interior design. I plan to make us of my experience and my network of relevant contacts to set up a business with a difference. Although, to be successful in all its aims, the company will have to be a high-profit making entity, the idea is that a percentage of that profit will put back into the community. I need funding to put together a team of professionals who will get the company to a stage when it will be able to achieve all the objectives listed below.

Our high backers will also benefit from the Company’s future success.



  1. Main concept

Help set up a successful design company and develop it to a stage at which it will be able to:

  • help talented and award winning design students get into job market,
  • put effort into training and providing work placements for young apprentices,
  • enable talented graduates to make use of our contacts in the industry,
  • the company will engage award winning graduates and talented students – who would demand much lower fees but without compromising beauty, functionality or quality.
  • the company will also employ a team of experienced and established designers to cater for the luxury end of the market to improve revenue stream
  • by catering for both ends of the markets, the company will offer something for everyone and enable both our wealthy clients as well as our clients on a budget find affordable stunning and practical designs
  • operate a discount scheme to make design affordable to clients in financial difficulties
  • offer free services to cash poor community organisations working with young underprivileged people
  • offer free training courses to such establishments and disadvantaged young people
  • when appropriate, the company plans to give percentage of its profits to charities
  • when appropriate, the company plans to help with community projects and worthy causes
  • the idea is to start with a design company as an obvious choice, to make use of our existing experience, but if successful, this scheme would then be expanded to other professions

Develop recruitment business using the similar concept as above. In addition to senior executive placements, the company will be very well placed to help graduates and job seekers with CV writing skills, interview techniques and job market contacts.



  1. How the money will be used:

Stage 1 - £6,500 – website, marketing, solicitors fees

We aim to raise £6,500 for development of interactive commercial website and aggressive marketing. It will also be necessary to engage services of a company lawyer as well as contract/employment lawyer to take care of the legal and admin side of the company incorporation and draft appropriate consultants contracts.

Stage 2 - £TBC – salaries and operating costs

To get the company up and running, it is essential to put together a team of experienced professionals who have the skills and strategies to get the business off the ground in the initial stage. Several of my contacts would be happy to initially work for less than their usual remuneration. I am also hoping to engage some on a “commission only” basis in the attempt to keep the initial costs as low as possible. To save on office space – we will try to work out a solution to initially work remotely and from home and to meet up as a team a set number of times per month to discuss the projects that each member of the team has completed in the meantime and to set new objectives for the following meeting. Eventually we will have to rent an office space.

Stage 3 - £ TBC – offices, materials and equipment, sales team

Office space and design material and equipment for employees, trainees, apprentices, free courses and everything else should also be financed from the company’s initial revenues. By the time we reach this stage, we will have a much better idea of how successful we have been and how much of the further funding – if any – we need to raise.



  1. Generous rewards – please read!

Please note !!!

Some of the rewards listed below are one-offs or unique and they will be distributed on first-come-first-served basis. If your donation is too late to get the award you set your heart on, we will send you a replacement one, and we will try to find one of equal beauty and value. Please feel free to check the availability through the “Comments” section of our project page. Please send us your postal address for delivery when making donations. All awards will be sent once the campaign is finished.

Naturally – we often rely on third parties and all rewards are subject to availability (for example, a hotel might be booked up, thickets or items might be sold out etc…) and these things would be outside our control. If we are unable to give you the very reward you want, we will do our best to find as close a match as possible.


If you would like an specific award included on our list – please let us know through the “Comments” section of our campaign and we will be very happy to consider all your suggestions.

We will always aim to keep our backers HAPPY.


Please donate as soon as you are able to ensure that the reward you want is still available.


W will aim to keep adding new awards to our list – so please check regularly for any new items.

Here are some examples of our generous rewards:


Up to £50

a big and genuine THANK YOU for believing in this project. We really appreciate your help. 


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