Help towards a victims legal fees

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Help towards a victims legal fees
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I am seeking financial help to fund my court case, please read on for further information as to why...

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I am a SW who is being threatened by a stalker, which has been very damaging on many parts of my life including my income, my social life and family life, which is why I am reaching out for help towards my legal fees to hopefully finally put an end to this once and for all.

Due to receiving violent threats from a stalker I'm facing legal fees to hire a solicitor to obtain a restraining order which has become costly due to the lack of understanding by police who are failing to protect me unless I have an order.

The definition of stalking is; Stalking is unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group towards another.

I believe my stalker has gone beyond this, and is also using threats which to a judge should come under both harassment and blackmail which have effected my mental health as well have caused me to feel unsafe in public, at work and amongst my main social circles, and I've unfortunately found myself unable to work regularly,

Because of being stalked I am limited with where I can work, when I can work and how I can advertise as I know I am being watched. 

I'm predicting I will need to raise a minimum of £2500, and if the trial continues which I had news of this week that it will go to re-trial, it may be around £4,000. 

(I can't be specific on why this is so expensive as I worry this person will read this and realise its about them and try to sabotage the fundraiser). I am having to use law firms for separate incidences regarding this situation so it isn't as simple as just having one solicitor. If I need more I will take out a loan, and if I need less I will donate anything I don't use to the wonderful organisations that are helping me with this case.

I'm sorry to keep this vague, however, its a complicated situation and I don't want to include any identifying details which may put me in danger. 

I am scared that without taking the right legal action, I will end up in danger of this person carrying out their violent threats. I want to feel safe, I want to be in control of my life, free and happy, and this is why I am reaching out for help to seek the appropriate justice and further support in the right direction to a peaceful life free of this person.

Thank you.

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