Help to support remake my pieces that were stolen

by Gracie sutton in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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I'm hoping to raise some funds to put back into my ethical clothing business to remake pieces from my new collection that were stolen.

by Gracie sutton in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

I run a small independent ethical and sustainable clothing business that supports rural artisans traditional skills in India whilst producing clothing with longevity both in production & design. 

My most recent collection was launched on Friday on receiving my pieces from my artisans in India, I picked them up from my delivery depot and took them to my car in Norwich then parked at my part time job to go to work - I have to work part time as a waitress in order to support this small business. Usually I wouldn't leave valuables in the car but didn't have time to take them home & they were in a box covered up out of sight.

Unfortunately that night whilst at work my car was broken in to and the box of items from the collection was taken - I believe that the person/ people taking it would have no idea what was in the box and have taken it on a chance there may have been something of value to them. I imagine that on opening the box away from the car they'd of realised there was nothing of value for them. This is what breaks my heart the most because that box of items meant so much to me, it was items i'd worked on for over 8 months, items I recently went to India to create and support the production of, & it's items that my manufactures took so long to make, all their amazing effort and energy wasted, as well as all the fabric waste that has probably been dumped some where.  

My business is still very small & I rely on the support of my customers purchases. Any profit from items sold goes directly back into the business to make new collections & further our connections with artisans and develop our brand & its products. 

Without the products and sales I no longer have the means or money to do so. I really don't want to give up on this small dream of mine to make products that try and better the world in some way. 

I'm hoping to raise a small amount of money to put directly back into making a very small amount of these products lost. Which in-turn enables me to continue the brand and in turn helps the smaller communities in India which I am so passionate about working with. 

I don't wish to be a charity, but any money even if £1-2 would greatly be received to help support me rebuild from this awful incident. 

 Any donations over £20 will be sent 20% off gift card for all items in stock from my previous collections or for items made from this very small collection that will be remade. 

Please feel free to share as any help will go a long way to help AK Threads carry on as a growing small independent ethical business.

For more information on our brands story & support to artisans visit our website


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