Help to build Julies new life

Help to build Julies new life

Make a difference to my world , we need funds to get my business off the ground so I can turn my life around

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have set up a new business Perkypixie Creations. We make costume jewellery and knitted/crochet crafts as well as doing some handmade items for home decor. We really excel at themed items though I always tend to go with themes that inspire me such as our wildlife range of jewellery. Very passionate about recycling and upcycling and you will often find me browsing through charity shops for old piece of beaded jewellery which we take apart clean and then use the beads to make new and exciting jewellery items. Our online store is

I currently need funding to push the business forward by doing better marketing campaigns and to help with the cost of attending events and craft fairs till I am more established. I need your help because I am currently on benefits due to long term sickness as I have brittle Asthma, my health is slowly getting better to a more managable level but not enough to return to full time work. I set up this business because I want to work towards coming off benefit and becoming fully self employed. I have been attending craft fairs and making things for friends and family long enough to know that I am really good at what I do and my products are high quality and fairly priced.  I have established a good reputation locally and are invited to several local events each year because we are liked. 

My problem is I have no extra source of funding other than my benefits and I simply dont have the means to pay for attending events or for transportation and marketing. So I am currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your help would change my life forever and for the better. I would be able to manage my health condition and work at the same time without having help from the state anymore.  This would mean the world to me to get myself respect and pride back, I have worked since I was sixteen and to have gone nearly 8 years without it has been torture. Please help if you can.