Help to buy a portable oxygen concentrator

by Charlie Kiss in London, England, United Kingdom

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Target now Reached! thank you so much! Donations no longer requested.

by Charlie Kiss in London, England, United Kingdom

Target now Reached! thank you so much! 

Donations no longer requested. 

I have a progressive incurable life-limiting lung disease, known as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, (IPF). This means my lungs are becoming more scarred and are becoming less effective at extracting oxygen. My oxygen saturation levels are adequate when I'm sitting down but movement results in a sharp decline in oxygen entering my blood stream so I need to have ambulatory oxygen for moving, for walking about. I get breathless and tired easily and cough a lot. 

I am therefore hoping to crowdfund enough money in order to buy a Portable Oxygen Concentrator!A concentrator takes air into the machine and concentrates it into an oxygen enriched air stream. The cost is £2490 plus additional battery @£385.

If successful, this would enable me to go abroad - The NHS provides IPF sufferers with a portable oxygen concentrator but you are not allowed to take it out of the UK. Apart from wishing to visit other countries, I also have family in the Netherlands that I'd like to be able to visit.

The new model I could buy would also enable me to travel for 3 hours before needing to plug in and recharge (The concentrator I have only lasts just over an hour at the setting of 6 litres per minute I need and recharging takes a few hours)

Median life expectancy with the new medication that I am now on is considered to be 8 years post diagnosis. I was diagnosed initially with a lung disease in 2016, (confirmed as IPF in 2019) so I can get quite low especially with so many restrictions on my movement. Getting a new portable oxygen concentrator would help me be active, increase my ability to go out, see friends, and go places which would help me a lot.

So if you are willing and are able to contribute, I would be very grateful. Thank you. 


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