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by Jae Art in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom

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On 24th January 2020 we successfully raised £291 with 17 supporters in 81 days

1. To create a new brand based on real pets who live in real homes based in the UK. 2 To mentor my Artisan students and promote their work.

by Jae Art in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom

New stretch target

1. Design and print products depicting entire 32 year portfolio - ranging from the Little faces collection to the Jamaica collection: 

2. Design and print samples to export to Asia. Introduce Sekaido stationery chain to United Petdom collection with wholesaler supplier proposal.

Who is J-Art?

I am an artisan/tutor living in Mid Glamorgan just under a mile from Ogmore by Sea. I have been drawing and painting for 35 years as well as teaching as a primary school teacher for 22 years. At this point in my profession as a teacher I would like to readjust my focus and bring my artistic skill to the forefront. In Bridgend, I am privileged to be able to work inside an inspiring studio within Nolton Gallery where I also teach my 7-11 year old students, including my daughter who is becoming very entrepreneurial and innovative:

Nolton gallery: are also framing specialists and have hand made the frames for the  United Petdom Collection (UPC) which I carried with me to the Autumn Fair 2019 event at the NEC in September. 

What is the United Petdom Collection (UPC)?

I launched the United Petdom Collection at the Autumn Fair 2019: where I showcased a small snippet of the collection with wares specifically created or printed in the UK, so I could promote and support local artisans like myself. 

My Vision

I envision UPC in garden centres, stationery shops, galleries, gift shops, and toy shops across the nation. I picture this scene of a child in Rymans glancing at a pencil case, then tugging on their parents whilst exclaiming "Look! It's Mac the cat!"(Mac is my cousins bicolour cat in Bridgend, by the way). "Look! there's a Derek the dog water bottle!" (Derek is a Northamptonshire friend's lovable springbat crossbreed) "I didn't know there was a Skye the puppy plush toy now!" (Skye was a frisky little puppy when I met him on a farm in Ayrshire, who leapt up and kissed my friend who was trying to photograph him!). I am still on the lookout for a dog from Ireland to complete this current collection.

What will I spend the money raised on?

Firstly, marketing. UPC needs exposure in order for the imagined cute child scene to come to fruition. With the UPC promoted I can then generate new lines and brands, some of which are in the pipe line. In line with the pet theme, my next portrait will be of 'Logan' who is an assistance and therapy dog for my cousin who is also quadriplegic. I hope this collection will bring awareness to worker dogs like Logan, who is the just the sweetest dog. 10% of J-Art profits will be donated to Willen Hospice, who lovingly cared for my Uncle during his struggles with cancer. You can find a soft pastel portrait of my Uncle and Aunt's dog: 'Jack' in the online gallery in my website:

Secondly, I hope to launch the 'Celtic Woman' within three months,  a brand new life drawing of a friend named Martha born and raised in Mid Glamorgan. Martha stunningly resembles a pre-Raphaelite figure by J.W Waterhouse, but modestly doesn't think so.

Woman with roses (1908) by J.W Waterhouse

Finally, the money raised will fund the new Young & Talented initiative. Bringing my budding artists together to South Wales for en plein air and training workshops, specifically centered around the old castle ruins dotted across Bridgend: Coity, Ogmore and New Castles. These workshops will enable the young folk to learn new skills and techniques, including CAD (computer aided design), photography and the foundation drawing and painting skills, socialise and be inspired to begin their own brand of functional Art. My Artisan students are scattered across the UK from Scotland right down to Kent and will be tourists to the area generating and adding to the Tourist industry in Bridgend. I am constantly thinking of my students and also dream of them having the same aspiration to create their own brands in their unique styles. Therefore, I am currently building up their work into a  Young & Talented gallery on my website.

'Focus on the good' Acrylic on canvas by Abi-calligraphy (aged 16)


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