Help To Keep Two Hearts Together

by Ruth Allen in Hunts Cross, England, United Kingdom

Help To Keep Two Hearts Together


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To help gain support and hopefully help To obtain basic human rights ,keep two true hearts together ❤️

by Ruth Allen in Hunts Cross, England, United Kingdom

Not really sure how to start, nor can I believe it has come to this, but we are two people in love who are currently being pulled apart by a visa application for my partner to remain in the country after nearly 10 years ( 10 years on 17th August ) which would normally enable him to apply for permanent residency, but due to a split from previous marriage and not enough funds to get a quick divorce we are now faced with the prospect of enforced separation.

It all started when Ash came to live with me as my lodger last May in 2018. He had split up with his wife and therefore was looking to move out of their home as she was now seeing someone else. Ash had just got a good job in a chemical plant near me and I needed a lodger so we chatted and he then moved in my house. We got on with each other really well from the start. I had been through a lot looking after my ill mother for years and unfortunately after years of stress, things eventually took their toll on me and I had to leave a good job of 9 years due to ill health. We helped each other quite a lot Ash trying to get over his split with his wife and myself having a stressful job which eventually caused me to resign. Ash asked me out in early December and although I said “No” then as I was scared of mixing my professional and personal feelings, I realised that my personal feelings for him were strong and vice versa. We went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve and something clicked and I suddenly realised for the first time in my life , I’ve met a man who loves me as much as I love him And the rest is history , and here we are , very in love and both finally feel they everything suddenly fits into place ..... Until .......

The problem is that Ash is Sri Lankan and so he had to renew his visa as he had to come off the spousal visa route. He also would have been in the UK for 10 years on the 17th of August 2019 and his spousal visa was due to expire on the 25th January 2019 and so at the time he applied for the visa “Compassionate leave to remain” hoping that they would grant it for 8 months so that he could apply to be a resident in August according to his 10 years of stay in the UK. Ash did not include me in the application because he didn’t want me to get involved in the extra stress at an already vulnerable time in my life. Fast forward to June, we are both deeply in love with each other but the government rejected his visa and did not give us the right to appeal. They also took Ash’s right to work and so he had to leave a good / well paid job that he worked so hard for. We then tried to show the government that we were in a relationship and submitted evidence paying more money , but they replied saying that we have got to add it into another separate paid application, even though we had proof , some of which included my medical records, stating how much he has helped me and how he has helped in my recovery and made me happy . We have both used all our resources with the visa fees and solicitor fees up to this point and so we are looking for some help from everyone to keep us together. Ash is classed as an overstayer since the 15th of June and the only reason he is allowed to stay so far is because we are trying to get the government to overturn their decision. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do, not do I know how it will be revived, but it’s amazing what lengths you will go to when you truly want to be together and can’t bear the thought of being separated and treated like criminals ????.

This is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, and at 41 my biological clock is ticking and our hopes of starting a family would be dashed if he were sent back to Sri Lanka to start a new application to be allowed back. We just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this , and from the bottom of our hopeful hearts ????


Ruth and Ash xxx

Breakdown of costs

Application fees - £1055

Immigrant Health Surcharge - £1000

Solicitors Fees - £600

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