Help to get us back on track

by Ross Clarke in Christchurch, England, United Kingdom

Help to get us back on track


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We lost investment in a photographic business back in 2008 during the recession, which we'd remortgaged our family home to fund.

by Ross Clarke in Christchurch, England, United Kingdom

During the recession back in 2008 I lost a photographic business & lost our investment, which we'd remortgaged the house to fund. Since losing the studio we've had to move to an Interest Only mortgage and although I was able to get a job coming away from my studio, was never happy with having lost this money and the impact it's put on my wife and family.

I was employed from October 2008 to October 2010, before moving into am amazing company I've worked for for almost 9 years. However, following a restructure, I've recently lost my job and this has once again put the family under a huge amount of pressure!

I've been applying for jobs daily and am signed up with a large number of recruitment agencies and am desperate to get back into work.

However, even getting another job still won't help us get back to a happy home, as it'll mean continuing with an Interest Only mortgage.

I'm a proud man and have always done my utmost to provide for my family, but have now come to the end of the road and whilst this situation is causing me untold anxiety, I can also feel depression looming...something I really want to avoid.

I'm setting this crowdfunding route up as a last resort, in the hope that my story will provoke a really positive reaction and if the target is achieved, will mean I can get us back on the road to a happier, brighter future.

Thanks you for taking the time to read of my plight and I hope you can help.

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