Help me get the right Treatment & Support

by RavenWings19 in Hull, England, United Kingdom

Help me get the right Treatment & Support
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I suffer with Trichotillomania, it’s a rare disorder. Only 2% of the population suffer from this condition.

by RavenWings19 in Hull, England, United Kingdom

What I suffer with is embarrassing so please keep an open mind. This is the first time I’ve ever expressed and opened up about having Trich/TTM.

Trichotillomania - (TTM) is a serious condition that causes sufferers to have the urge to pull out their own hair. It is estimated that around 2% of the population suffer from Trichotillomania. The disorder has a negative impact on sufferers' well-being and their normal day to day life. It is normally developed as a result of dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Stress and OCD as a whole. It’s a long term Chronic Disorder, without treatment symptoms can vary in severity over time.

So here goes. So before I started with this condition, I already had a rocky start to life, my mother died in a car accident when I was a baby. I then was in care for nearly a year before getting adopted. 

 I started to pulling my hair out at the age of 7, still don’t know the underlining problem that caused me to pull my hair in the first place. It would come a go through the years, but it’s worse than ever and It’s hard to leave the house and try hide my condition, but It’s very noticeable. 

I also suffered metal and physical abuse from my adoptive family from when I could remember to the age of 16/17. Which I got help when I got the courage to speak up. I have no contact with them and I had special counselling to improve many emotions I had to overcome due to years of abuse. 

After so many years I’ve been quite lonely with having no family or support. I don’t get any financial help. Which is difficult but you just have to get on with life as best as you can.

Now at the age of 22, have two very young children.  Which I have 24/7 which is tough but worth evey minute . I want to give them the life I didn’t have. And with this condition, it prevents me from doing that, I want to feel better and for my children. I feel ashamed and guilty. It’s embarrassing and I have to hide my condition daily. I want to get the right treatment and support. Ive done my research and found somewhere that could help with my hair and also get CBT support. But it’s expensive and I would need to get a train and it’s over 250miles away, to get the right treatment for my hair it costs between £1,500 - £1,700 and i would also get private special counselling care to prevent me from pulling my hair again, which costs aswell. 

It’s hard to afford this with two children and no family and financiall support. I would be grateful for any help to have a happy positive life for myself and my girls.

Thank you for taking your time...

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