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Project by Septic Wasp

Hi all my aim and my dream is to set up a permanent track/tracks with a café and shop open 7 days a week, for Everyone to get into the sport

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This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 9:43am 8th September 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 9:43am 8th September 2018

I have been into RC cars as a boy ( many years ago now ) I have always suffered from mental health issues and this I was and still is a way for me to escape the reality of life. when racing you zone in and nothing else matters, everyone like smashing things up lol

As you can see from the video EVERY one is having fun but also taking it a little serious.. its a great way to meet new people and a great social gathering, this sport does not cost much to participate and it is great for young and old. 

I have secured a premises (village hall) to hold a meeting once every fortnight, but I have to set track up and put it away at end of night.. this is ok but not ideal.. My dream is to have a permanent location where I can open the club 7 days a week with a café and the flexibility to hold different meetings easily and stress free. 

Currently I am a member of a great club ( video taken from one of there meetings) and I support what they do massively and will remain a member but there is room in the area for another club, ( the website is my website for the club im a member of)

we mainly race 1/12 scale cars with different formulas, the main formula we race is Bangers, but we do 1300 stock cars, drift bangers, 2ltr stock cars, even caravan bangers,, basically we copy full size banger racing like what you can see at you local tracks.. 

every meeting there is a goal, as we have a points system in all formulas, and graded drivers too, this is to try make it as fair as possible for everyone..  young, old, able bodied or even disabled, we don't discriminate against anyone.. 

Unfortunatly there is a cost to setting the club up, we will need carpet ( track GT Prima Felt ) we also need the Irace lap scoring equipment, liability insurance and also membership to the British Radio Car Association

once we have the funding for this we can open the club and start getting the members in once this happens the club can start to earn monies for self funding this is through the membership scheme and also monies to race for the evening... then in the future aim for a permanent track. where we will be looking for ways to start the funding for this when we are ready.. 

This is a not for profit club and will stay like this. ALL staff on the committee and those that will run it are volunteers, it gives us great satisfaction to see the juniors especially enjoy it and see them drive there way through the ranks. I really hope that you can support my idea and help towards a great venture and a new future...and making my dream come true

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