Help to get a design into production

Help to get a design into production

The aim is to raise enough funds so I can have concepts made with material to present to possible retailers.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a design I created that is so simple & yet so amazing. It's a small little fitting made out of plastic or a tough rubber that sits inside the holes of your toilet. It's design is to stop the toilet seat from slipping to the sidees when you sit on it, as I'm sure you all have experianced at some point.  They are an alternative version to this being sold on eBay that is basically a rubber funnel you place underside of your holes. The problem is, it requires you to tighten the nut or butterfly nut very tight that forces the rubber funnel into the hole & flat. Now I've used this & it's impossible to do this if your toilet seat fitting bolds & the long rod is made out of plastic. Or if you have access difficulties making it difficult to tighten.

This design doesn't require you to over tighten your fittings & stops the seat sliding to the sides. I've test sold a few on eBay & the reviews received we're brilliant. I made them using a small 3D printer wich isn't suitable for larger productions.

So this project & request for funding is to seek out paiten rights which are expensive. Have a small batch made from a supplier & aproach business's that sell plumbing products. Or even have manafacturers of toilet seats include these in the parts of all toilet seats. 

I live on the poverty line. I suffer with servere depression, Anxiety & PTSD. But I don't want to depend on welfare all my life & I believe, with your help. I can become self dependant financially & able to provide for my children, which this is all for. Doing this & going out seeking retailers to sell this product is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done because I find it very difficult to talk to strangers. But for my kids I will do anything.

So thank you for reading & I hope I can get the help to get things started.