Help needed to pay staff wages & rent

by Arthritis Support whilst working in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Help needed to pay staff wages & rent
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To help cope with the financial strain an autoimmune disease can have on your life from time to time.

by Arthritis Support whilst working in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease reactionary arthritis in 2015.  Having worked hard all my adult life, building up a beauty business, this disease left me completely incapacitated and bedridden.  When I was finally taken to hospital, a month after falling ill and being off work for the same amount of time, I was diagnosed with this autoimmune disease.  This led to a further 10 weeks off work, for which I had to fight to get the statutory sick pay that I was legitimately entitled to.  I developed this due to stress and after almost a year of struggling with medications that didn't work, I was finally put on a biological medicine that allowed me to walk again, function again fully and left me free of pain.  This medicine is amazing and whilst it keeps my symptoms at bay for the most part, I do, every so often, get flare ups that leave me partially immobile with a loss of mobility in my legs, hands and arms (which I need all of for my job) as well as causing a lot of pain.  Unfortunately, as this is a pre-existing condition I cannot get insurance or income protection which means if I struggle to work I get hit financially.  This added stress does not help my disease as it was caused by this in the first place.  

I have recently had a flare up of my disease and I am struggling financially to get through the next couple of months.  Although I have two part-time employees, I am the main revenue provider.  I have tried asking for an overdraft from my bank once before, but they put so much pressure on you with time limits and affordability, it becomes a very stressful situation when all you're asking for is a little help once in a while.  I am reaching out to anyone who can relate to my current situation to contribute anything they can to help me pay my staffs wages this month and to help with my quarterly rent due mid March.  

My business is a going concern and I am trying to put a lot of plans into action to help with my condition by looking at going into the less physical side of beauty, like training for example.  So I am still working hard despite my current situation, I am still trying to contribute as much as I can but everyone needs a little help once in a while.

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who can help and donate to my cause, you don't know how much that would mean to me, as I don't have any other means of help or support.

Let's make 'Help needed to pay staff wages & rent' happen