Help to Buy my Independence

Help to Buy my Independence

To buy Independence for an Autistic man.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Im autistic and I have other mental health problems also - I have poor balance aswell as problems communicating socially. I also suffer with anxiety problems. Ive never had a large amount of money and iv never really been able to save much. But now I need my own independance , my own modified transport and my own home.

what im kindly asking for is for help paying for firstly a modified motorbike, a trike which i can drive without worrying too much about my balance issues - it would give me independence and the ability to go where I wanted and when. to not  be isolated and to feel freedom without the restraints of not having transport.

secondly to have money to move out of my parents house. to rent my own house to be independent and live my life.

many thanks for clicking on this link and reading this. I appriciate you taking the time. It might not sound like something important, one man seeking his own transport and home but to me it is very important. With my conditions Iv always felt isolated and trapped but with your help I can change that.

thank you