Help to adjust to long term disability

by Aaron in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Help to adjust to long term disability


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Aiming to raise some money to pay off debts and and ensure my financial position as I move into an uncertain future.

by Aaron in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi guys. 

I dont really know how to structure this message, 

I've recently been advised to leave work on medical grounds due to a worsening heart complaint. I've worked through it for 10 plus years and struggled to survive as a result.  In any given 12 month period I can be rendered unable to work. 

I have a condition called Wolfe Parkinson whyte syndrome which causes a number of heart problems,  recurrent pericarditis which is inflammation of the heart lining as well as an autoimmune condition and a serious hiatus hernia which requires surgery, but I cannot have the surgery due to potential complications with the heart condition which I am not eligible for surgery to correct (the surgery has a low success rate and I've been advised by the NHS that it wouldnt be done unless I start suffering blackouts which is a future complication that I've yet to come across. 

Due to these medical problems I've been unable to work consistently, I'm a self employed in a estate agency by trade but as a result of the ongoing nature of the illnesses and time missed from work I've accrued a lot of debt. As I write this now I have .73 pence in the bank to my name. 

I am in the process of winding up my business and at the moment the future is bleak. The debt is crippling, emotionally I'm broken. Due to the heart and stomach issues I've been advised that I cannot take anti depressants or anti inflammatory medication to combat either my physical symptoms or my mental health issues. And I also cannot do any exercise that may strain my heart so managing depression and mood is proving difficult to say the least. 

I dont know what to expect for the future. And I cant keep my head above water any longer without financial assistance. 

It's very difficult to write this. Having had ongoing conditions for 10 plus years and having worked hard to provide for myself and my family this pains me to do. I've always tried to do it on my own. I was advised to go on long term sick many years ago. At one point I was forced to for 18 months but as soon as I was back on my feet I pressed ahead and got back into work. It just hasnt been enough. 

I'm trying to raise 7k. To clear my outstanding debts and provide me with some respite from the threats and debilitating impact of financial stress which is just multiplying my health issues ten fold.

Whatever is raised, if anything at all has the potential to seriously impact my immediate situation and help me to make my way through the mess I find myself in.

Let's make 'Help to adjust to long term disability' happen

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