Help to achieve my goal

by Laura in Stocksfield, England, United Kingdom

Help to achieve my goal
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To achieve my dream and give my family a better quality of living.

by Laura in Stocksfield, England, United Kingdom

As I have mentioned I have the aspiration of becoming a barrister specialising in human rights and criminal law. Currently, I am going into year two of an LLB degree which I have put hard work and dedication into passing with high marks. I also have undertook extracurricular activities such as working with students from a university in New York to come up with ideas of reforming the criminal justice system. The cost of studying in the U.K. is extremely high and has affected many individuals. The maintenance loan alone barely covers family life and I have often struggled with the threat of eviction due to missing rent payments. I believe that I can achieve my goal and I have the tenacity to do so. However, I will always have the burden of the student debt and with the competitive nature of the BAR this is concerning. 

I do not want to offer the ‘sob story’ but I have faced many difficulties during my time studying. My son has been rather unwell and is under oncology and ent care. Also I have suspected MS and have recently been referred to a neurologist. Despite this I am eager to achieve my dream, it would just lower the anxiety and stress if the burden of debt could potentially be lowered.

If people can donate anything I will be forever grateful. 

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