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by Rayann Bryan in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Rayann Bryan in London, England, United Kingdom

Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation is a charity focused on the mental health and well-being of women of African and Caribbean descent.

With your donations, we will keep delivering all of our services free for the next five years. We will:

  • Keep delivering our free online group sessions.
  • Sessions for parents about how they can talk to their children about mental health and wellbeing.
  • Mental health practitioners knowledge exchange workshops.
  • University b1625663038_black_women_and_mental_health_group_6.03.2021.jpgursaries for BAME students pursuing a clinical psychology doctorate.
  • Black women support lunches.
  • Private counselling sponsorship for those in the most need.
  • Racially aware corporate wellbeing training.
  • Discount referral programme for private counselling and therapy.

Why we do it:

29% of black women have a common mental health disorder compared to 24% of Asian women, 21% of White British women and 16% of White other women. Women of African and Caribbean descent experience higher mental health disorders than women of any other ethnicities but are less likely to receive treatment ( Moreover, white people are twice more likely to receive mental health treatment than black people (, 2014).

Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation is working to dismantle these inequalities by providing free alternative resources for black women, including a safe space to discuss any problems, increasing and supporting the number of black and other ethnic minority mental health practitioners.

Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation Objectives:

Advance - The education for the public benefit among mental health practitioners and women of African/Caribbean descent who have an interest in mental health, by:

a) the provision of training, workshops, events and resources designed to aid understanding of how mental health manifests in women of African/Caribbean descent and their experience of accessing mental healthcare services and to support the delivery of appropriate mental healthcare services for them;

b) the provision of bursaries and awards to support women of African/Caribbean descent who are studying for professional qualifications to enable them to become mental health practitioners.

Preserve and protect - The mental and emotional health of African/Caribbean descent women by providing mental health resources, including, where appropriate, access to professional counselling. 

Our Aims 

By early 2025 TMAF will:

  • Helped 840 beneficiaries directly with our free group sessions.
  • Offered 225 paid counselling sessions to women of African/Caribbean descent.
  • Awarded nine bursaries to women of African/Caribbean descent to support educational material costs in courses related to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry.
  • Held two black women lunches to build community support and combat the feelings of loneliness and isolation caused by the pandemic.

Join the TMAF Community


Sat 31 July at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm 

Join CBT therapist Sade - Louise Fergus and our founder CEO Rayann Bryan for an in-depth conversation about mental health, trauma and learning tips about creating wellness. These sessions create a safe space for black women to discuss their thoughts and opinions with other individuals who can relate to their experiences.

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Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation

Tel: 07979193637  l Email: [email protected]

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