Help the Greens stand a candidate in Vauxhall

Help the Green Party stand a general election candidate in Vauxhall

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,300 of £1,000 target with 28 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Wow - we have reached our £1000 target in just two days!  It's wonderful - and humbling - to receive such support for Gulnar to be able to stand as Green Party candidate for Vauxhall.

We can now pay our candidate's deposit - and start work on producing leaflets to share her message with the voters of Vauxhall.  Thank you. We now want to raise a further £700.

To reach every voter in Vauxhall we would like to take advantage of the Royal Mail's FREEPOST scheme, which provides free postage for one item of mail to every candidate standing in the general election. While the postage is free, we still have to pay for the design and printing of an election address, and envelopes.

To do this we need to raise a further £700. This will enable us to send Gulnar's election address to every single one of the the 96,000 voters in Vauxhall - and will make a huge difference to her chances of success.

With support like this, we can reach even more of the constituents with Gulnar's pledges for Vauxhall:

- to oppose hard 'blank-cheque' Brexit

- to scutinise government and council spending to prevent future vanity projects

- to campaign for truly affordable housing

- to lobby for a clean air act


Help the Green Party  offer the people of Vauxhall the chance to vote for the Gulnar Hasnain - the strongest voice against hard Brexit in the June 8 general election.

Support democracy by helping us provide people in Vauxhall the option to vote Green.

Your donation will enable Gulnar Hasnain to stand as the Green Party candidate in Vauxhall, where she came third, ahead of the Lib-Dems in 2015.

As a grassroots party, we can't rely on non-doms and big business donations to clear the path to democracy for us.

Please donate to the costs of fielding our candidate to oppose hard Brexit and scutinse government and council spending. Gulnar will campaign locally against library closures, and for genuinely affordable housing and a clean air act.

 We are looking to raise £1000. This money will go towards paying the electoral deposit and spreading the Green message through leafletting, canvassing and events.

Donate today:

£25 gets 1000 leaflets printed

£35 delivers 4000 leaflets to target voters

£500 pays for our candidate’s deposit

Please give what you can to help Gulnar Husnain oppose the hard Brexit policies of the Conservatives and the failed opposition of Labour and the Lib-Dems.

If you are able to give us some of your time, do get in touch – we would love to work with you. You can get in contact via:

email at

or Facebook at

Vote Greento stand up for what matters:

  • Fair Economy - End austerity and create over one million jobs
  • Public NHS - Free social care for over-65s
  • Decent Homes - Build 500,000 social rented homes and cap rents and introduce longer tenancies
  • Better Transport - Return the railways to public hands
  • Free Education - Scrap university tuition fees
  • Safe Climate - Take serious action on climate change and pollution

Please note: if you wish to donate more than £500 in a year, you must be a citizen of the UK and on the UK electoral roll. Donations over £500 from any ineligible donor will be returned. 

Published and promoted by Adrian Audsley on behalf of Gulnar Hasnain and Lambeth Green Party, at 160 Hydethorpe Rd, London SW12 0JD

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