Help Syrian Christians tell their story

Help Syrian Christians tell their story

Help tell the story of the People of Syria by supporting the visit of an Archbishop and the President of a Protestant denomination to UK.

We did it!

On 15th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Christian Rebuild helps church-run projects and Christian individuals in 'second-world' countries. 

Although inspired by the need to continue the good work of the Congregational federation's one-off appeals for Christian projects in Eastern Europe, Christian Rebuild is run by independent trustees from more than one Congregational tradition. 

The unrest in Syria began in the early spring of 2011 within the context of the Arab Spring protests. Over the last 4 years a devestating 500,000 people are believed to have lost their lives during the War, 6.5 Million people have been displaced within Syria, and a further 3 Million refugees had fled the country. Unfortunately, there seems to be no solution to the War in the near future, and it is likely that these numbers will grow.

Unknown to much of the Westerm World, Syria has a large Christian population. Christians in Syria make up 10% of the population which is approximately 1.5 million people, with the city of Aleppo containing the largest population of Christians. Over the last 10 years Christian Rebulid has provided support for Christians in Syria through donations aimed at providing food, homes and education for the Christian population. Due to the degree of the disaster now in Syria, it is difficult for Christian Rebuild to raise the money required to make a large difference to the population. In the hope of raising the awarness of the devestation and also gaining further support of our work in Syria, we have invited an Archbishop and the President of a Protestant denomination to visit UK at the beginning of May. The two leaders will visit England, Scotland and Wales, visiting various organisations and Churches telling their story on Syria, and what life has become living there as a Christian.

The aim of this crowd funder is to raise the funds to help us as a charity support their visit to the UK through paying for flights, accomodation and food. Dates and places of their visit will be available on our website, and we welcome anyone to join and support the visit, and to hear their story of life in Syria.



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