Sammy Miller is a motorcycling legend, 11 times British Champion, winner of over 1400 events and still winning competitions more than 50 years after his first victory.  The Museum houses one of the finest collections of fully restored motorcycles in the world, including factory racers and exotic prototypes, with the collection constantly evolving as new bikes are acquired.   This is a living museum with almost every motorcycle in the museum in full running order.  

We also have a huge variety of animals which under normal circumstances we allow our visitors to feed and pet and this brings comfort and much pleasure to families, to young and old, our visitors with disabilities tell us how much they enjoy coming to visit the animals.  

If you’ve enjoyed a visit to our Museum and have enjoyed watching our Restoration File videos on Facebook and YouTube you may wish to help us with the support of our animals, very soon our alpacas coats will need shearing and their toes clipped, our goats, donkeys, sheep and our chickens all need veterinary care on a regular basis to keep them happy and healthy.  Our chickens and guinea fowl enjoy running freely around the Complex keeping staff and visitors amused and any help you may be able to give is very much appreciated in these tough times.  

Let's make 'Help support our animals' happen

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