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by KAH Productions in United Kingdom

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We are raising funds to send a team to Mumbai to support and document the work of charity Oasis India which helps victims of sex trafficking

by KAH Productions in United Kingdom

Girls as young as 5 are taken from their families and sold to work in the sex industry. 

The girls are kept in cages for months, even years until they are ‘broken’ to the extent that they do not run away. They are only allowed out to eat or be sold to a customer for sex. 

When the girls turn 18 they are no longer 'hidden' because at this age prostitution ceases to be a crime. 

But the girls are no still trapped because they have no experience of freedom. As our video shows one girl didn't even know her name other than that what her abusers called her. Girls like this will continue to work in the sex trade because they have no other life.  

Mumbai is now considered to be one of the largest sex trafficking centers in the world. 

Thankfully there are local individuals and charities that are making a difference. 

Oasis India is one such charity. They work to prevent human trafficking and other forms of violence against women and children and assist each girl to flourish in their community.  But again they need our help. One of the obstacles facing these charities is lack of world wide awareness.  

Andrew Matheson the director of Oasis India has said this to say to all of our supporters and all those who are considering donating:

"We are utterly committed to setting those enslaved by trafficking free. To do that we provide each girl the care they require on an individual basis. Many of them are heroes of survival and are now flourishing in their new environments. We are so excited about this project because their stories will be told - stories of despair turning to hope. They have so much to teach us and the world."

For too long the world has been silent on this issue and it needs to be highlighted. 

KAH Productions will be taking a team to Mumbai to help and document the plight of the girls and also the fantastic work that Oasis India is doing. The aim of this film is to shine a light into the darkness of the Mumbai sex trafficking trade to highlight it to the world. The  film will be produced for broadcast on terrestrial TV both in the UK and abroad. 

The ultimate aim of this documentary is to increase exposure of this appalling crime, provide evidence for countries to put pressure on the India government to take direct steps to tackle the problem and provide evidence to international NGO's to support local charities like Oasis India.

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