Help Super Samuel get the right special School

by Sarah Halliwell in Ecclesfield, England, United Kingdom


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To help us secure Super Sam the right Specialist School

by Sarah Halliwell in Ecclesfield, England, United Kingdom

Dear Friends

I call you friends, even if I don't know you, because you took the time to think about helping us. 

13 years ago a super kid arrived in our lives. The youngest of four children.  Surely we had got this parenting gig cracked.  My hubby and I have decades of experience volunteering with kid's, teens and vulnerable people through clubs and projects. I'm a qualified teacher who has special ed experience - how hard could it be?

Enter Super Sam, our beautiful humbling child, who's invisible differences made us look like ineffective and incompetent parents. (We aren't btw - but it sure feels like it some days).

We need your help- I've spent the last 2 years supporting my son's placement at a specialist therapeutic day school, unable to work. The placement doesn't work. We have all tried and it isn't helping him to achieve his incredible potential. The toll of daily travel is too much for him, so we have reluctantly faced the agonising reality that we are not enough.
We can't regulate his needs 24/7, he needs the input of graduates trained in SALT, OT, Therapy, Sensory Integration, Emotional Regulation, PDA & ASD strategies in learning. It is too much to be all these things to him. Our boy is super - super kind, clever and super needy.

Despite pleading with the LA to recognise the wisdom of those who have worked with our son for years that he NEEDs a 24-hour curriculum. (Not a parental perference btw - we'd prefer our son to not need this at all.) They have decided that they are unconvinced.

So to a costly tribunal, we MUST go, our son and family won't survive without it.

Could you help us fund some of the tribunal costs? We need to access legal advice, get support and training to battle the city's solicitors. Can you help us overcome this huge injustice to our son? Whatever you give, we will be forever grateful and pray that Heaven pays you back for your great kindness to us. Super Sam deserved so much better from Sheffield. Please consider helping us.

Let's make 'Help Super Samuel get the right special School' happen

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