Help Street Cats Seville pay their £300 Vets bill

by Franco Frenetico in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Street Cats Seville pay their £300 Vets bill


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30 days to raise £300 - to assist 'Help Street Cats' in Seville - pay their outstanding Vets bill.

by Franco Frenetico in London, England, United Kingdom

Meet Alfie the kitten thrown into a bin and left to die! Miraculously rescued by 'Help Street Gatos.' and soon to be adopted by me - he now has the chance of a new life.

So what's the story? Well, long time friends of mine live in Seville, Spain, and help abandoned animals through their charity 'Help Street Gatos.' It's not like the UK. Many people see cats in Seville as vermin and treat them as such. It's a desperate situation for these poor animals.

I'm going to give Alfie the kitten a forever home, but he's the lucky one; my friends and their 2 sons have rescued 30 other cats & 5 dogs & they all live together in a 3 bed house. Many of the animals are too sick to be re-homed and there is an outstanding vets bill to pay. So my aim is to raise £300 in 30 days. 

There's a very personal reason for this appeal as well. It's 25 years today (June 17th 2019) since my Mum died.  She suffered from depression for much of her life and then crippling pain from diverticulitis; the pain became too much and she took her own life.

My Mum - June - loved all animals, she even had a pet homing pigeon called Percy (who'd got lost!) and lived on our roof. June would go out late at night and stand outside pubs at closing time collecting signatures on her petitions for various animal causes. She taught me to love animals, so this fundraiser is a tribute to my Mum whilst carrying on her good work, helping my friends in Seville and trying to help the animals in need in Spain. 

I've got 1,300 friends on Facebook, I just need 60 of you to donate £5 each and we can do this, and make a difference, together. 

I'm happy because I'll soon have cute little Alfie come to live with me, Louise and Moby. Alfie's such a little fighter and Help Street Gatos have saved him from certain death and turned his life around. As soon as I saw him - a little ball of fur wrestling with his big soft toy turtle I knew I wouldn't be able to resist him.

Now 25 years on from her death, this appeal is a small memorial to my Mum. Thank you all so much for your help. It means a lot to me & is much appreciated. Thanks again. Live and let Live!

Let's make 'Help Street Cats Seville pay their £300 Vets bill' happen

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