Help Stop Cancer

Help Stop Cancer

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Oh, you have Cancer, Big Deal!



Shocked by the title, I thought you might be. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” so let me explain, I mean no disrespect to anyone by the title of this book and I want those who have been diagnosed with this horrible illness to understand that by treating this illness like it is not that big of a deal is a great start to advancing themselves well on their way to becoming healthy again. When they constantly focus on having this problem they will continue to make it stay around longer than they want, a simple shift of the mind in the direction of treating it like it is not hat big of a deal will help advance them well on their way to a full recovery, they must truly believe in their hearts that they will beat this and reshaping their mind with a few simple changes has proven to be the best defense against it.


What is this book about?

This is a book written to help those with Cancer understand how to naturally eliminate this horrible illness from their body. Lets start by understanding the most important thing about Cancer,

“It is 100% curable”.

This Book is filled with knowledge from decades of calculated studies with numerous specialists on one particular subject, how to get rid of this temporary virus. This system will teach patients how to reshape their minds and use the amazing power we were all born with to help them eliminate this virus from their body in an incredibly short time, it also has an advance diet, exercise, meditation and visualization program and helps teach survivors how advance their immune systems to help them recover from their illness.


Who is it for?

This Book was written for those who have been diagnosed with this horrible illness and are seeking alternative methods to rid this disease from their body. Anyone who has been diagnosed with this ugly creature will benefit, by learning how to use the natural ability they harness in their own body to evict this illness, they will be amazed how quick they can recover if they start believing they can.


How does it work?

The teachings in this book will help them reopen the pharmacy in their body and evict this illness forever. By following the natural health program provided in these instructions, each person diagnosed will be able to send this sickness on its way only to never return.


Is it safe?

This system is 100% safe and effective, this program is really an amazing treatment for well being yet at the same time it is also going to get rid of this temporary virus while they learn it. There is nothing negative about doing wonderful things and there is nothing in this program that is going to hurt them, make them feel uncomfortable, make them sick or make their hair fall out, it is simply the art of mastering themselves and it is amazing.


Is it hard to follow?

I can promise them that the cure for Cancer right now is in the palm of their hand and it is not this book, everyone was born with the power to cure Cancer, I only hope they still have the will to try. If they have been diagnosed with having this illness, they can either harness the fear of getting worse or take control of their life and decide to get better. Choosing a system ones life literally depends on is something many of us will never have to endure so I will say yes, it probably will be hard for most undiagnosed people to follow however, for those who have been diagnosed with this horrible sickness and have decided to fight for their life then I will say No! It will not be hard for a survivor.




Sean was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1970, it was very difficult for him to live there during those troubled times but thankfully he was raised by some of the most loving people on the planet, his Mother, his Grandmother and his Grandfather. He was taught at a very young age that everyone on the planet should be treated like family. 

During the war at that time in Northern Ireland, Sean and his Brother were sent to live in the United States while the fighting continued there and came back to Ireland when things calmed down, this pattern repeated itself many times so their trips to and from America were quite frequent. Finally, his family decided to just keep him and his Brother in the US so they could start a new life. He was 12 years old when he finally settled down in Colorado and began a new life with his Mother and his Brother.

After several years of acclimating to a new culture, he found a direction that would change his life forever and began his education that was geared towards helping as many people as possible. He met an amazing man named Roland who changed his life and began training him in several different arts but fell in love with the art of Shiatsu; a Japanese art of natural healing that opened his mind towards the endless potential of the human body and it’s ability to heal itself. Roland's training has influenced Sean to help as many people as possible and has been the strongest inspiration for his continued Philanthropy.

After continuing his education in the fields of Culinary Arts, Healing, Music Therapy and Natural Medicine, he soon realized how amazing the human body was and decided to share this information with everyone, he then founded the Earth Cancer Center to reach out to those in need and educate as many as possible and teach them how to cure themselves, one of Sean’s strongest beliefs is that Life is wonderful and should be enjoyed every second we are alive, it should not be subject to a temporary virus controlling our destiny. 

Sean has traveled to over 30 different countries and 48 US states helping those who are in need and truly feels if you have the ability to help someone then you now have the responsibility, he has devoted his life to helping those in need and never charged a penny for any of his services.

Sean has been deemed one of today's most incredible contributors to the healing industry, with his modesty and compassion, he continues to provide lite for those who feel hopeless and inspires many with a positive attitude and new belief that they can and will overcome their illness. 

His teachings of Internal Healing, Music Therapy and Visualization combined with his advanced Culinary training is how Sean has helped thousands overcome their illness, along with an incredible respect for life and the human race, Sean truly feels that giving is one of the most beautiful gifts of life.

Sean believes we should all work together to rid this temporary virus from your life, as you are no longer a stranger to him, you are now his friend forever.



If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with this ugly creature and cannot afford to help with this fundraiser or pre-buy this book, I will be happy to send you a free copy once I have finished with the editing stage. It will probably be a PDF format but please visit my website and contact me with “free copy” in the subject line and I will be happy to help.


Remember, Do not listen to anyone if they tell you that you have a 40% chance of survival you must ignore that and believe that you have a 100% chance of recovery, think about the hundreds and thousands of survivors who were told the same thing and ignored it and proved they could overcome the same situation you are in, now its your turn to be one of those miraculous testimonies and let others know they can win by taking the fear out of getting worse and replacing it with the joy and excitement of getting better.

With Warmest Regards,

Sean Nolan.

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