Help Steven Laverty stay afloat post burglary

Help Steven Laverty stay afloat post burglary

Thieves stole everything Laverty owns, so please help keep him in London with a couple of quid

We did it!

On 30th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £2,506 of £1,000 target with 111 supporters in 29 days

Last weekend our beloved boys in Turnpike had their house broken into by thieves, who pretty much took anything of worth that they could fit out of the newly broken window. While Rob, Tom and Ben have had major losses too, Laverty's room was absolutely gutted. Right down to the Hannah Montana DVDs and his avocado flat peak cap.

I know this isn't a charity or a big epic arts project or contributing to a life-changing bo*b job, but let's rally. Steven has always gone out of his way to help his friends and often strangers too. He's been to your shows and gigs, he's taken you out for coffee, he's helped out with get-ins and outs, and he's almost definitely reminded you (ok, mostly me) that there's good in everyone and that it's no fun being a massive b*tch about life.

He's been a real trooper cracking jokes left right and centre, but the reality is that he's lost more than £5,000 worth of his posessions, including his hard-earned wages, his four year old California fund, his collectibles (just listen to the Angel Grove Retro Review for context) and all his tech stuffs.

Go without your morning flat white and chuck a couple of quid into his online piggy bank. At the very least, he can get back on his feet and stay in London, but maybe we can get the little scruff over to California, just like pre-beard Steven always dreamed of.

Thieves suck a bag of d**ks and we can't let them snuff out the little light that is our Stevie Lav.

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