Help SkyWriters go to LA for production course!

Four expansive music production courses delivered by Cre8 Music Academy. The 5-week program provides essential aspects of music production.

We did it!

On 26th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £290 with 11 supporters in 28 days

We are SkyWriters, a songwriting duo based in London, of Norah and Rachel. We joined in 2011 with the aim of making an impact in the UK with our songs, using depth and honesty through our lyrics/melodies, to entertain and inspire.

At the moment we have been writing for Emmanuel Nwamadi, runner up on series 4 of The Voice UK, and Rebecca James, 20 year old singer/songwriter from London, who is set to be one of the UK's hottest new talents.

Our proposed activity is four expansive music production courses delivered by Cre8 Music Academy. The 5-week program provides essential aspects of music production used each day by industry professionals, covering the following areas: Music Theory, Professional Production Techniques, Vocal Production, Mixing and Mastering. Its purpose is to teach music creatives (producers, songwriters, artists) techniques that will make their music stand out, opening up opportunities to monetise their music (song placement, licensing or a recording contract).

Our strategy with the production team (Penhouse) we work with is to work together to find budding and upcoming artists in the UK. We want to develop them and work on material we strongly believe will provide a successful breakthrough and exposure for their work ultimately resulting in publishing and record deals etc.

Apart from those we look for ourselves, we are regularly approached by such artists and in both cases; we spend time getting to know them as a person and as an artist so we can best work together to create an amazing body of work.

We have reached a point now where we need to improve and fine-tune our skills to cater to the work we do. We hope that by doing the courses it will do exactly this, boosting our confidence in our craft and working with different artists from multiple genres.

The Cre8 Music Academy music production courses would enable us to become more self-sufficient and confident in creating and developing our songs in two areas. Firstly, when developing and working with new artists, and secondly, for pitching to artists and record labels. The producing, mixing skills and training gained will help us to further understand and identify the key elements of a great song.

At this stage in our careers we find that we heavily rely on producers for music production and mixing. We have identified these weaknesses and strongly believe this course is most suited to strengthen these areas, meaning we can write and create songs from scratch without needing to outsource producers, engineers etc., therefore saving time and money.

Full budget for project:

Course Fee - $4650 approx. £3590

Accommodation -  £2000

Flights - £1200

Food - £840

Total Costs = £7630

£5500 is the minimum amount needed for us to be able to make this happen and we will be able to cover the rest. Anything more is an absolute bonus :)

Here is a sample of our work

*update* We have booked our flights and managed to secure our places on the course. However, we are leaving in just under 4 weeks and need to raise funds for accommodation and living costs! 


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