Help Serenity House

Serenity House aims to provide addiction recovery treatment to 120 disadvantaged people and help them to reintegrate in the society in 2016.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Addiction can affect anyone. Serenity House recognises this fact and helps people who are dependent on Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling and other addiction into successful recovery.  Our programme, Recovery Dynamics® is a Goal oriented treatment programme in a community set up helping people to understand the problem of addiction, find solutions and take actions.

With more than twelve years experience in non-medical addiction recovery treatment Serenity House has changed the lives of more than 1700 people helping them to recover from addiction and re-unite with their family and friends.

Our treatment does not break the bank. We aim to help 120 people into recovery this year. Each £2,500 raised will help one person to receive 9 months treatment and aftercare support.

Please help us raise £300,000 this year to help 120 People into recovery. Your contribution can change someone's life. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Thank you