Help send aid to the Calais refugees

Help send aid to the Calais refugees

Help provide life saving aid for the refugees escaping their war torn countries, who are being forced to live like animals in the jungle

We did it!

On 4th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Help provide life saving aid for the refugees escaping their war torn countries, who are being forced to live like animals in 'the jungle'.

About the project

We are aiming to hire a large transit van to fill with vital supplies for the refugees "camped" in Calais. The van will carry such things as food, clothing, hygiene essentials, pain killers, cooking equipment, first aid kits and more. These refugees  have escaped countries where they are persecuted and killed by extremists. Where is our compassion? These are human beings, trying to find a better life, trying to survive. They are being left to live in squalid conditions just 20 miles from our borders, how many children will die in calais if we do not act to save them?


We want to make what difference we can, but sadly we do not have much money. We have donated what we can so far but it doesn't feel like enough. So we are organising this trip to make the difference, it may be small in the grand scheme of things, but we will help families look after their children, we will give hope to people who are more desperate than you will ever be.


Please spare what you can to help these human beings.

We will be travelling on the Eurotunnel to Calais, and travelling back the following day after donating vital supplies to the distribution centre in "The Jungle". We will be spending the remainder of the day in the camp, helping to clean, build, cook and provide any other assistance we possibly can. 


Your money will fund:

Van Hire 

Eurotunnel Ticket


Safe water treatment kits

First Aid Kits



Sanitary Products


In the event we do not raise enough money to go to Calais, all funds raised will be donated to a charity specifically aimed at helping the Calais refugees.


So a little about me:

My name is Simon Hyett, I am a father of 2 and live on the south coast of England. I am a self employed business owner who works with schools in and around hampshire.


Why am I doing this?

This has affected me hugely, I try to put myself in these peoples shoes. The horrors some of these people have gone through are unspeakable, they want a better life for their children. I try to imagine my children coming from their countries, I would stop at nothing to keep my kids safe and that is what these people are doing. Protecting their families. 

How would you feel if your children had lived through what they have, and then are forced to live in the slums only 20 miles away from safety. Would you want your kids to live through that? Would you need any help you could possibly get? Ill tell you something I would!


I am no longer proud to be British, the way our country treating these people in their darkest hour is disgusting, I will not sit by and do nothing.


Please show your support for this desperate situation and give whatever you can afford, every little helps!

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