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Help Me Secure the Future of Hand Made Textiles Around The World.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:00pm 30th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:00pm 30th September 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT - New raffle badge reward!  (To read about the project please scroll down)

The worlds finest embroiderers, Hand & Lock have graciously donated three weekend, hand embroidery classes worth £180 each to this campaign .  With a chance to win one of three classes you can enter into an online raffle today!  All you need to do is go to the rewards section to the right of this page and select ‘Raffle badge’ 


Each entrant will receive the badge above via post after the raffle as a thank you for your support! Choosing this reward serves as your ticket.  By selecting this reward your name will automatically be saved to the supporters section of this Crowdfunder page.  At 6pm 30th September all names will be put into a hat and I will pull out three lucky winners from the hat live on facebook video.  This video will be available to watch on my facebook page. 0Secure the Future of Traditional Handmade Textiles. If you like my page you will receive an update when the video will go live!

Here is some more information on each of the three classes:

Introduction To Embroidery

The perfect place to start your love affair with embroidery or refresh your memory of the essential skills. Hand & Lock's Introduction to embroidery workshop covers the basics, insider tips and practical application making sure students are fully equipped to go on and apply what they have learned to their own garments and develop their own unique styles. Covering blanket stitch, satin stitch, French knots, running stitch, chain stitch, detached chain stitch and purl pearl.



Contemporary Beading 

Contemporary Beading combines classic embroidery techniques with current design aesthetics. Popular with emerging designers, this embroidery style evokes experimentation and creativity whilst feeling thoroughly modern.

For one weekend, join a Hand & Lock expert embroiderer to learn a host of invaluable techniques and stitches including ribbonwork, bullion loops, french knots and stab stitch. With expert guidance you will experiment with 3D bead work techniques, work on a specially designed tulip motif using array of 3D materials and textures.

Silk Shading 

Silk Shading, also known as painting with thread is possibly the most artistic embroidery skill you can master. Students will learn how to blend coloured threads to produce depth and realism in their embroidery. The class covers the basics, insider tips and practical application making sure students are fully equipped to go on and apply what they have learned to their own garments and interiors.


Hi my name is Scott, Thank you for taking a look at my project! Your amazing! Here’s some information about me.

I am 31 and I work  professionally as a textile designer.  I specialise in hand embroidery and  currently work as head of design at a two hundred and fifty year old embroidery house.   After eight years in Industry I am ready to move onto the next step in my career, but to also make a big positive impact to the textile industry and the people who make it.   I am undertaking a Master of Research in Design at The Royal College of Art to acquire professional research skills to aid me in my ambitions to document, share, celebrate and preserve the future of  hand made textiles around the world through a project that I have been cooking up for the last three years.  I can tell you all about this super exciting project too.  Just scroll down to read all about it! 

Please also look to the bottom of this page to see some rewards on offer in return for your generous support.

This project in a nutshell

I have named this project ‘Securing the Future of Hand Made Textiles’.  Essentially its objective is to preserve hand led textile processes and techniques by opening a dialogue between crafts based communities around the world  and western consumers who engage with the fashion and textile industy.  This will happen through blogs, websites and social media which will follow the narrative of a products journey from concept through to resolved product.   I will do this by directly collaborating with crafts men and women- in my capacity as  textile designer and researcher -  to produce  a series of products that encapsulate a particular aesthetic for which the community specialises in.  The aim is to inform and influence the consumer in terms of what kind of purchases they can make through this project whilst offering a platform to comunities whereby specialist techniques, process and hand manufacture can flourish and continue to be passed on to future generations or otherwise continue to be threatend and ultimately lost due to cheaper and faster modalities of textile and garment production.  By establishing a secure inflow of business for that community can offer security not only to hand led processes and techniques but the people who practice them.  Research that with be gathered will be collated into a text book format to inform fellow designers, established and emerging.  For further reading on the project please see further down

What issues will I be able to address through the MRes?

I will be addresses issues pertaining to community-based craft men and women around the world in relation to mass production and the impact this is having on traditional craft communities from the perspective of western commercialisation in the fashion and textile industry.  

Myself and passion

I absolutely adore the  hands on role my position offers on a daily basis.  And as the designer of a well established  company in hand embroidery it goes without saying that I possess a particular affinity for other traditional handmade processes such as weaving and printing. 

I have also developed a certain personal responsibility to maintain the traditional values of the craft I practice.  With a particular affinity and extensive knowledge of hand made textiles  for which I might ad is rewarding enough,  there is also a certain requirement to introduce a level of contemporary influence.  We must lend from the past to inform the future and this notion is synonymous in creating a successful embroidery design.   I had developed a certain realisation in the  earlier years of my role in just how important it actually is to preserve the traditional values of hand made textiles. I feel that as designer it is now time to begin a design and research approach that positively influence the wider fashion and textiles industries but establishing platforms that can not only help empower communities but to also help retain the traditional techniques and processes that have supported our fashion and textile industry for so long.

Your support 

Financial support from you  will contribute to the funding of a twelve month Master of Research in design which I will be undertaking at the Royal College of Art this  September.  I have secured a partial amount of the funding   however with the course cost at £12350 I am looking to raise further funding to support living and study costs to be based for one year here in London.  The course is full time and as it progresses it will not allow for me to work even part time.  A scary thought but, inevitably I will be leaving a permanant job to follow this path!  In the time that I have until the course starts, I have been contacting various textile related organisations and institutions for support since the start of this year and have been very fortunate to receive two grants however I am looking to secure the rest. In addition to I have been and will continue to  teach hand embroidery which I assume you gather is a great passion of mine!  I have also been making craft products in my spare time to raise extra funds. some of these are in the rewards section so keep your eyes peeled!

Your contribution and support no mater how great or small is a huge help to me and extremely encouraging.  Please share and donate as widely and as generously as you can. With your greatly appreciated support, I trust that  I can and will reach my goal at The Royal College of Art this September and make some positive changes to the world!

Why The Royal College of Art?

The Royal College of art is one of the best art and & Design Universities there is and is  the only postgraduate art and design university in the world.  The RCA excels in world leading design and art research and creative innovation.  As well as boasting numerous well known alumni that have influenced and sculpted art and design in the some of the most positive ways.

The 2014 REF rated the Royal College of Art the most research-intensive specialist art and design institution in the UK, with a higher proportion of its research judged world-leading than any of its competitors. The QS World University Rankings 2015 rated the RCA the number 1 art and design university in the world, on the basis of its academic reputation, its reputation with employers, and the impact of its research.

 With my expertise in textiles and specific knowledge of hand embroidery I am already very well informed in the subject area of this project and have numerous connections in industry to support future networking possibilities to sustain the project past financial support. I also plan to  collate the research gathered on this project into  text book format and to present current research and projects through  guest lecturing  whilst  raising further awareness at fashion and textile based colleges and universities in or around the locations that I will be operating within.  This holds the potentiality to widen the  scope of the project impact and perhaps even procure a more widened and diverse research group from this interaction.  As you can see I am in this project for the longterm!

What problem does the project address?

This project addresses issues pertaining to community-based craft men and women around the world in relation to mass production and the impact this is having on traditional craft and craft communities from the perspective of western commercialisation in the fashion and textile industry.  

How will the project address this problem?

 Securing the Future of Hand Made Textiles will address this problem by identifying traditional hand-led textile-based communities and working with them to raise awareness in the western world by putting artisans in direct contact with consumers through live blogs and video with the main goal of raising more awareness of how textile products are being made.  The products will all be available to purchase.  This content will be available online and consumers will be able to engage with the project directly through social media.   The content will provide a creative narrative that will document the design process of hand led techniques from concept to resolved design.  It will also portray the cultural significance and importance of them.  The aim of this direct approach is to offer specialist insight to a wide variety of textile crafts that are inherently steeped in cultural and historical significance.

In addition  to these two  interesting factors, dialogue will also dictate how advancements in modern technology  are having a negative impact whilst intrinsically raising themes of sustainability and ethical practice. 

As a textile designer and researcher, I will collaborate with the artisan in developing a range of commercially desirable products that encapsulate the aesthetic of the technique in question.  The objective is to preserve techniques and processes that may otherwise be lost to future generations due to the demand of faster modes of production taking centre stage in these industries.  By opening a creative dialogue between the artesian and consumer there is the potentiality of influencing consumers to make more informed choices to what purchases they are making and how they could support craft communities around the world.  This simultaneously offers an opportunity for a community to react in a productive way in combating these current issues.  In establishing this dialogue, products that are sold offer a pocket of commence that can become self-sustaining by western demand and ensure the future of the technique and process live on to future generations.  Products that are developed in collaboration will have an ethos surrounding ethical practice and sustainability. 

With many contemporary modalities of textile production and manufacturing having emphasis upon time efficiency for the western market, companies often place value upon time efficient processes which mimic that of hand led textiles.  There are many advantages to this however a major negative impact is that this is devaluing  textile techniques and processes that by modern standards take too much time.  With handmade textiles inherently taking  much longer to produce machine led processes will always be favoured and practitioners are being left behind or they must adapt and work in faster ways.  On the other hand many authentic hand made textiles are aquired at  very low costs which do not reflect their true value and are frequently sold on at much higher prices to the western market leaving craft men and women out of pocket and in some ways having taken advantage of.  These two examples  are but a few of many factors that is having a negative impact of the future of traditional textile processes and manufacturing.  This is mainly due to traditional textiles requiring a certain level of skill to be developed in order to produce an item of commercial value.  I  believe that this project can set out to balance the conflict between contemporary and traditional textile manufacture by putting the craftsmen and women back in the driving seat.     

My Approach 

My approach will be one of ‘face to face’ with myself collaborating directly with the craft person and maintaining this connection.  This hands on approach will allow for a genuine exchange of creativity and partnership  to grow along with morale, not to mention a strong sense of community spirit which will not only be empowering but will  fuel the positive changes that together we can make to traditional textiles around the world.  It will provide not only a sustainable platform for makers to connect directly to consumers but will also help realise the importance of preserving their heritage and that of the processes themselves, for future generations.


First off all thank you for considering to make a pledge to this project your amazing! I wanted to offer a range of rewards that are completely unique, original and resonate with the ethos of this project.  You can choose any fo the following;

Reward Number 1 - Zodiac Poster of Your Choice

These unique posters have been specially designed by myself, they are each individual A2 large prints, measuring 594mm x 420mm each. They’re available in high-quality silk paper.  You can choose which one you would like from the pledge section. 

Please scroll down for further rewards. . . 

Reward Number 2  - Zodiac greeting cards

These greeting cards have been illustrated by myself.  Each card is blank inside and comes with a gold envelope.  Perfect for a friend or family member on their birthday.  They are availible in packs of six or own their own.  

Reward number 3 - Fashion Hand Embroidery Kit

This reward includes the materials you need to start your own hand embroidery projects.  With an in-depth step by step guide to help you will be able  conceive your very own idea or follow the design provided. Covering design tips, material characteristics, how to transfer your design to fabric and how to exicute your design in a successfully resolved way. This kit will send you on your way to being a master embroiderer in no time!



  • Embroidery hoop
  • Thread
  • Beads 
  • Design 
  • Step by step guide 
  • needles 
  • fabric

Reward - Hand Made Vegan Soap x4 & Thank You note   

With this reward you can enjoy any three of eight lovingly hand made soaps made by my fair hands, in my humble kitchen at home in East London.  Each soap is made from 100% natural ingredients such as dried botanicals,  pure essential oils, and butters.  These soaps are eco friendly in addition to being vegan friendly.  Each bar has been specially formulated to gently exfoliate and nourish your hands and body while being friendly to the environment.  Your soap will be labeled hand wrapped in beautiful marbled paper.


Reward - Hand Embroidery Class & Talk Oct 2018-19

You will be invited to join myself as teacher and a group of other students for a 6 hour weekend day embroidery class of your choice. You will be taught the traditional techniques of the embroidery style. And will work to a specially drafted embroidery design. All materials will be provided and you will keep the embroidery pack and materials. The classes will be held at central London location. A talk will be included with dates available from Oct 2018-2019.

Reward - Private Hand Embroidery Class Nov 2018-19

I will offer you a private one to one hand embroidery class which will last 8 hours and will work with you preperation to tailor the class to your interests. All materials will be provided and included in the pledge amount. You will be able to choose a date between November 2018 and November 2019. At a Central London location or your home if you are based elsewhere in the UK.

Thank you 

Thank you so much for engaging with me in this! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my project. I would be ver so thankful if you could share this with anyone you think might be as interested as you! 

Scott x

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