Help save Whistler.

Help save Whistler.

To bring this important one off commissioned Ocean going long keel sail boat back to her former glory, to be enjoyed by generations to come.

We did it!

On 24th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Buried deep in the cellars of the Bank of England in Threadneedle st London in the 50's/60's, a "supposed" employee called Guy Thompsom used every minute he had spare to design racing boats, mostly for individuals. He was always  a part time designer, but had close connections with the Royal Burnham yacht club. Guy was a leading East Anglian offshore racing enthusiast during the 40's, 50's and 60's.

He designed many boats for himself called Calliope, and they were always in the EAORA prize list.

So to say he worked for the Bank of England, he was at least employed by them!!

In the 1960's, noted East Anglian dinghy racer, Dick Pitcher (Flying dutchman ace) decided he wanted a small performance cruiser, he went straight to Guy Thompson.

The  result was the T24 with which Pitcher won everything around him in 1967 and this boat eventually went into production, followed by the T27 & T31.

Guy, being very well known, did many "one off" commission designs for individuals and Whistler is one that is still surviving today. The commission was to design & build a fast ocean going yacht capable of sailing the Atlantic.

Whistler was sailed across the Atlantic and started life in the US. Eventually she was sailed up to Canada where she lived on the great Lakes for some years.

Her return to the UK involved her in another Atlantic crossing, where she was eventually  placed on Windermere. Unfortunately, due to circumstances  of  the owner previous to me, she got sadly neglected, which the pictures show, so much so, that there is a good amount of work to be done on the exterior and the Interior (Interior needs gutting and re-fit).

The Hull is of GRP, and the superstructure is of Sheathed cold molded ply. These Thompson designs were renowned for beating straight through waves instead of over, and were a treat in a head wind.

The original motor was a petrol unit, but was replaced in the early nineties with a Yanmar 1GM10.

Whistler, is not just a boat, but a very pretty boat and the only one of her kind, and a tribute to the design skills of Guy Thompson.

When Guy eventually left the Bank of England, they discovered this cellar room stacked with boat designs & plans.

Having been involved in the manufacture in the  very popular leisure 17's, I am extremely conversant on boat construction, and had I not taken up the challenge, the big liklihood is that this important boat would probably end up rotting in a field somewhere, and an important design lost pertaining to the British boat design/building industry. I have the knowledge and some funds, but some financial help is still required to bring her back to her former glory please. Many thanks for taking the time to read ab "Whistler".

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