Help Save Thomas the Cat

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Help Save Thomas the Cat

Help with Thomas' medical bills after he was shot in the chest and head with an air rifle.

We did it!

On 3rd Aug 2015 we successfully raised £945 with 69 supporters in 7 days

UPDATE 30/07/2015

Thomas is comfortable and enjoying cuddles from the staff at PDSA.

There has been no further improvement in Thomas' back legs or tail.

The family are taking each day as it comes and we hope to see Thomas back to his old self as soon as we can. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE 29/07/2015

The PDSA have rang today to say Thomas is doing well eating and enjoying cuddles, hes regained a little feeling in his legs, but he's not out of the woods yet!

At this time we don't feel an MRI will be necessary. This page has been shared widely and people have given so generously to help with his vet bills ran up prior to Thomas being taken to the PDSA and enabling the family to give the PDSA a generous donation.

The PDSA have also taken a few donations directly as a result of this page, thank you to all that have shared and donated and a big thank you to all the staff there looking after him.

The family will be going to visit Thomas this afternoon with his favourite treats!

UPDATE 28/07/2015

Thomas was taken down to PDSA this morning and they are going to keep him in and may operate.

The PDSA have explained the cost of treatment and have asked for a contribution towards this which we will be taking from the CrowdFunder page.

The rest of the money raised will go towards Thomas' emergency vet bills prior to arriving at the PDSA which accumalated to over £700. 

THANKYOU to everyone who has donated and shared the page so far. Hopefully we can get Thomas back on the mend.

UPDATE 27/07/2015

It has come to light that Thomas was actually shot and not ran over.

The X-rays show he has a bullet in the chest and a bullet in his head that has split.

The police are also involved now.

Thomas now needs an MRI scan to help determine the best way to go about removing the bullets. 


Thomas the Cat needs your help!

on 26th July, Thomas was ran over on a busy main road. He managed to drag himself into a next door neighbours bush where he was found a

couple hours later.

Unfortuantly Thomas was not insured and has currently racked up emergency vet costs of over £400. As I am writing this, Thomas is currently

waiting to be Xrayed - If he has broken his leg then it is fixable but at a cost - a cost on which Thomas' family would find financially hard.

The family are worried there may be spinal damage and he may not recover.

Thomas isn't just a cat, he is part of the family and loved by everyone.




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