Help Save the Woodland at Playing Place Park

by Kea Parish Council in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Help Save the Woodland at Playing Place Park
We did it
On 1st October 2021 we successfully raised £26,651 with 147 supporters in 15 days

Final call from Kea Parish Council to help raise £25,000 to purchase the woodland surrounding Playing Place Park before 30 September.

by Kea Parish Council in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If the Parish is successful in buying the woodland then any excess funds will be used for the maintenance, improvement, and enhancing the area and encourage wildlife.


Please Donate Generously - before midnight!

The woodland has come up for auction on 30th September 2021 and it is vital the community comes together to secure its future.  The money is required by midnight on 29 September. We don’t know what changes could come in planning law and in the wrong hands there is the possibility the public walkway could be removed, or the woodland could be developed in future.

This woodland is a central part of the community hub in the heart of the parish, adjoining Kea Community Centre, The Snooker Club, the Play Area and nationally revered skate park in Playing Place.

This space has been enjoyed by the community for over 20 years, but is now up for sale by auction on 30th September 2021.

Due to the importance of this situation the Parish Council agreed at their recent Extraordinary Meeting, with support of attending community members, that we must bring the woodland into Parish ownership to safeguard it.  The Parish Council are committed to enhancing its accessibility and usability for the residents and visitors who enjoy it.

The land is currently privately owned and with the support of the community, Kea Parish Council wishes to bid or privately purchase the woodland in order to continue to manage it on behalf of the community we represent.


Why must we raise the money?

We need to have enough money to win the bid at auction.

The Parish Council operates with a very limited budget. Much of this is already committed to vital projects that benefit the area. The Parish Council cannot afford to buy the woodland without your support.  We recognise with the backing of residents who attended the recent Extraordinary Meeting, that many of our community are willing to stand up and make this happen.  We feel it is important because;

We want to save the land from unwanted development or alternative uses.

We want to preserve and enhance the current use of the land for the community.

We feel it is a vital extension of the existing community hub, with the ability to engage the community in an accessible space.

We feel that this fits with our environmental growth project and will encourage sustainable outside play and community engagement.


How much do we need?  And what happens if we’re outbid? 

We’ve set a target of £25,000. This is to cover all auction costs.

We hope to exceed this amount, and every single extra penny increases our chances to win the auction. So please give generously.

You can give safe in the knowledge that if the Parish is unsuccessful in buying the woodland the money will be returned to you. The Parish will make every effort to either win the auction or agree a private treaty (sale/purchase) of the woodland in the first instance.

If the Parish is successful in buying the woodland, then any excess funds will be used for the maintenance, improvement, and enhancing the area to encourage wildlife. 

We will also proudly erect a sign on the woodland entrance stating the woodland has been purchased by the Parish with contributions from the public.


What will we do with it?

The Parish Council is always answerable to its Parishioners who will be encouraged to have their say in its future use.

The main aims are set-out above, but to reiterate, the Parish Council feels that this is a valuable community and nature space.  The Parish Council will aim to;

Make it a local nature reserve. Improve the condition and management of the land and trees, with a strong focus on wildlife habitat and encouraging biodiversity with bird and bat boxes and habitat creation.

Seek to renew and make safe the fencing, trees, grounds and footpaths to enable better public use.

In Parish ownership, it will be the Parish Council’s responsibility to maintain the land.

The Parish Council are also in the process of registering it as a village green.


When do we need Donations?

An immediate response is critical. Deadline 11.59pm on 29th September 2021
We must ensure we have enough funds for the auction deadline of 30th September 2021. Please give generously now if you can.

The Parish Council is not a registered charity and cannot claim GiftAid.


If we are not successful with purchasing the woodland we will refund all who have donated.

If the auction reserve is not met or the seller decides to sell it to the Parish by private treaty, we reserve the right to use the funds to purchase it by this method.

Thank you in advance from Kea Parish Council.


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