Help save the stray dogs of Cuba

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Help save the stray dogs of Cuba
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To treat the dogs in Cuba for their mange , ticks, parasites, fleas and pain. I am not a charity I am just a person who cares about animals

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This photograph was taken in December 2017, by myself.  Its not an unusual site in Cuba. The dogs are malnourished but worse than that is the pain and suffering of these poor animals.

 The mange ticks, parasites and fleas , along with possible infections, and broken limbs that they have, are enough to make you cry for despair . Most of them have lost the majority of their fur, and I saw several scratch themselves until they bleed, and keep on scratching!

One dog that made me cry, was lying in the middle of a busy street, his paw had been run over and it was infected, he had mange and fleas, and as with many of them he was so thin he looked like he was lying there all alone to die, whilst people just walked by, and even stepped over him. I stopped and spoke to him softly for a while. My friend, a vet herself told me that he may well be dead by the time we came back to the street, the worst part was the lack of empathy and comfort and thinking of this poor dog all alone. Dogs who give so much love, surely he deserved some love, or at least some comfort, he was so obviously in great pain, and I so wanted to find pain killers for him, at least let him die in comfort, it was heartbreaking. It was difficult to separate myself from him I didn't want him to die alone. 

I am more than happy to accept anti flea products like stronghold orally administered ones are probably safest and pain killers . Treatments that last longer like the 12 week flea treatments are better , they give these dogs a chance, Stronghold my vet friend told me could help with a lot of the ailments, the drugs are not cheap so to make a difference to as many as possible, I need help 

Cuba allows you to take up to 10 kg of medicines without duty, as long as they are sealed, that is what your money will buy; if I raise more I may even be able to afford to support a vet to fix some of the broken limbs of those suffering. Perhaps buy some much needed antibiotics and research on surgical instruments they may need; but as I'm just starting out in my mission to help, so I will begin with something I know I can do, that is to treat the mange fleas and parasites . Cuba has a shortage of medicine, and medical instruments, so even if the vets in Cuba want to help they do not have the means to. 

As a child I once spend every day oiling a dogs ticks to get rid of them whilst I was on holiday, as my mother told me it would help, by the end of my week in Portugal the ticks were gone, as an adult I know I can do this and make a difference , donations in sealed product are just as welcome as money if not more welcome . 

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