Help save Paddy!
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Paddy needs a splenectomy! We are struggling to come up with the funds to treat our beloved cat, big love to anyone who has a read

by Paddy's mother in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Paddy was rescued last year after we noticed him out in the snow and hiding in our shed, my nan was extremely reluctant to bring him in having had to rehome her car Sophie with a family member due to emphysema. Paddy however wrangled his way in and is now the apple of my nans eye. I work a lot and I honestly don't know what she would do without him sometimes! We recently found paddy was off his food and had a swollen tummy, after taking him to the vets we found that he needed a splenectomy, which we have been told will cost around £1500. I've saved as much as I can so far, but this looming over us I can see has really taken the toll on my nan. We feel extremely cheeky and have never done this before but we've been told that we may aswell try! We know he is just a cat but he is so much more to our little family. If you can't help please keep paddy in your prayers! We have hope! Thank you so much for reading ????