by Five Miles in London, England, United Kingdom



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We want to raise enough money to keep afloat during our lockdown.

by Five Miles in London, England, United Kingdom

Five Miles is a club, bar and kitchen in Seven Sisters, North London. 

Our small venue has become a cornerstone of the creative community and music scene in London. We are 100% independent and support other like-minded communities across our city and beyond. Since opening we have had a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity with our venue and have become an important place for Londoners from all walks of life to call home.

Everyone around the world is hurting now and, well, Five Miles is no different. It’s been a devastating few months for us and we are trying everything within our power to stay alive, so that we can hopefully open our doors once again, sometime in the future.

Our Crowdfunder is here to ask for direct financial help in our fight to reopen. It sits alongside our recently launched 'Five Miles From Home', a digital compilation we’ve put together with the help of some very generous artists.

The kindness that our extended community has shown us over the last few weeks has been incredibly humbling and has given us some much needed strength in a time when everything seems to be falling apart. Thank you all so much. 

Any donation is greatly appreciated. If you'd rather donate to us via our compilation you can do so here.

Please stay safe and look after each other. We hope to see you all again.

Five Miles x

Let's make 'Help Save FIVE MILES' happen

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