Help save Christmas

Help save Christmas

To prove there are good people in this world who will help a stranger in need, just because it's right (and because it's Christmas)

We did it!

On 17th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £750 with 7 supporters in 28 days

My friend Sam is honestly the kindest most caring person you could ever wish to meet. She would do anything for anyone. So much so that she didn't give a second thought to wiring almost all her money to her cousin in South America last month to help her set her son up with a new life in the United States, despite the fact that it would leave her broke at Christmas.

And then at the start of this week she called her elderly mum in South America and an unknown voice answered the phone. It was a police officer from the Kidnapping and Extortion Unit. Days previous her mum had received a phone call from a stranger telling her that Sam had flown back home to surprise her for Christmas. Her nephew had been driving her when they were involved in an accident of his making. Innocent people had been injured and Sam was in a critical condition. There were legal bills and hospital bills to be paid. In short a scared, vulnerable old lady was scammed out of over £3000. Once the money had been handed over, arrangements were made and she would be collected and taken to her daughter's bedside. Thanks to a chance intervention from a member of her family this never took place. It is likely if it had, she would've been kidnapped and ransomed. Thankfully she is safe, but shaken up and now heavily in debt. Of course Sam has picked up the bill and the unethical interest rates to her mothers creditors despite the fact that she has no money. So now that fear and debt has passed on to her. No one deserves to spend Christmas worrying about debts and a mother that is thousands of miles away, least of all someone as good and kind as Sam.

And so I turn to you, friends and perfect strangers alike and beg for your help. If this is truly the season of giving and goodwill, please spare whatever you can to help perform a genuine Christmas miracle. Please help take the burden from a vulnerable elderly lady racked with guilt and fear away from a scared and caring daughter. Please share this story far and wide so we can prove that this world isn't just bad people with evil intentions, but there are good people who will help a stranger in need just because it's right (and because it's Christmas). Thank you and happy holidays.

(Sam is an assumed name used to protect my friends privacy)

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